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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bibliographic \Bib`li*o*graph"ic\, Bibliographical \Bib`li*o*graph"ic*al\, a. [Cf. F. bibliographique.] Pertaining to bibliography, or the history of books. -- Bib`li*o*graph"ic*al*ly, adv.


a. Of or pertaining to bibliography.


adj. relating to or dealing with bibliography [syn: bibliographical]


Usage examples of "bibliographic".

Although Schurig, Meckel, Himly, Taruffi, and others give bibliographic lists of diphallic terata, even in them erroneous references are common, and there is evidence to show that many cases have been duplicated under different names.

The third major section of die vault is devoted to the Bene Gessent Reference Library and die Sisterhood's own records The Reference Library duplicates some items in the other sections, and many unique items, such as the complex code keys are of little immediate interest But the extensive religious materials are invaluable This mfor matioa, much of it unique, was the source material used to compile the astonishingly complete AzharBook* the bibliographic compendium that preserves the secrets of even the most ancient faiths Among these are priceless copies of the Zensumu Codex, a much more complete copy of the .