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Bhoot or Bhūta may refer to:

  • Bhoot (ghost), the ghost of a deceased person or a bodiless spirit in the Indian subcontinent
  • Bhoot (film), a 2003 Bollywood horror movie
  • Mahābhūta, classical elements in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy
  • that makes you afraid which is related to belief(in Nepali and Indian sense)
Bhoot (film)

Bhoot ( English: Ghost) is an award-winning 2003 Indian supernatural horror film. It was directed by Ram Gopal Varma and stars Ajay Devgan and Urmila Matondkar. It was perceived to be different from a typical Bollywood movie as it did not contain songs. It was later dubbed in Telugu as 12 Va Anthasthu and remade in Tamil as Shock. The film was a box-office hit. Urmila won several accolades and awards for her performance as a ghost possessed wife. Verma made a sequel called Bhoot Returns which was released on 12 October 2012.

Bhoot (ghost)

A bhoot or bhut is a supernatural creature, usually the ghost of a deceased person, in the popular culture, literature and some ancient texts of the Indian subcontinent. Interpretations of how bhoots come into existence vary by region and community, but they are usually considered to be perturbed and restless due to some factor that prevents them from moving on (to transmigration, non-being, nirvana, or heaven or hell, depending on tradition). This could be a violent death, unsettled matters in their lives, or simply the failure of their survivors to perform proper funerals.

The belief in ghosts is deeply ingrained in the minds of the people of India across generations and it still persists even in an era of modern technology and scientific development. The various concepts of ghosts trace their roots in the vast bodies of Hindu mythology, religious texts, literature and folktales. There are many allegedly haunted places in India, such as dilapidated buildings, royal mansions, forts, forest bungalows, burning ghats etc. Ghosts also occupy a significant place in the Bengali culture. Ghosts and various supernatural entities form an integral part of the socio-cultural beliefs of the both Hindu and Muslim communities of rural Bengal. Fairy tales often use the concept of ghost and references to paranormal activities are found amply in modern-day Bengali literature, cinema, radio and TV programmes.