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Bhāvanā ( Pali; Sanskrit, also bhāvana) literally means "development" or "cultivating" or "producing" in the sense of "calling into existence." It is an important concept in Buddhist praxis (Patipatti). The word bhavana normally appears in conjunction with another word forming a compound phrase such as citta-bhavana (the development or cultivation of the heart/mind) or metta-bhavana (the development/cultivation of lovingkindness). When used on its own bhavana signifies contemplation and 'spiritual cultivation' generally.

Bhavana (Malayalam actress)

Karthika Menon (born 6 June 1986), better known by her stage nameBhavana, is an Indian film actress who works in the South Indian film industry. She made her acting debut in Kamal's Malayalam film Nammal (2002), which won her critical acclaim and various honors. In a career spanning over a decade, she has appeared in over 60 films and won two Kerala State Film Awards.

Bhavana (Kannada actress)

Bhavana is an Indian film actress who works in the Kannada film industry. A Bharatanatyam dancer, she has received three Karnataka State Film Awards and acted in Shanti, a film that entered the Guinness Book of Records. Bhavana Ramanna is a director of HomeTown Productions, a production house that conducts dance and music shows. In the run-up to the 2014 general elections, Bhavana Ramanna was named one of the star campaigners for the Congress party in Karnataka, a role she had performed in the 2013 assembly elections in the state. Bhavana Ramanna is reported as being among the contenders for a nomination to the upper house (Vidhana parishad) of the Karnataka legislature in Karnataka, as an MLC.

Bhavana (disambiguation)

Bhavana is a Pali/Sanskrit word (bhāvana) that means 'development' or 'cultivating' or 'producing'. It may refer to:

  • Bhavana, Pali term