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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. Any fish of the genus ''Betta'', especially ''Betta splendens'' (the Siamese fighting fish). Etymology 2

  1. (eye dialect of better nodot=yes English) (gloss: comparative of good). adv. (eye dialect of better nodot=yes English) (gloss: comparative of well). v

  2. (context slang English) (eye dialect of better nodot=yes English) (gloss: had better).


Betta is a large genus of small, often colorful, freshwater ray-finned fishes in the gourami family (Osphronemidae). By far the best known Betta species, however, is B. splendens, the Siamese fighting fish.

Usage examples of "betta".

Rousing further, she remembered Betta in the next room and faced the impossibility of her great-granddaughter giving birth without calling her.

The birth was due at any time now, and Betta was insistent about wanting to use the name Amanda if it was a girl.

Except that Betta did not realize, none of them in the family seemed to realize, how much the name Amanda had come to be a talisman for them all.

Unlike Betta, Melissa came into her own in a crisis-it was in ordinary times that the daughter of Eachan Khan fumbled and lost her way.

She had hoped to come in there with evening, and perhaps even stay overnight to see how Betta was doing.

She allowed Betta to wipe her face with a cold wet rag, clearing soot and tears from her cheeks.

But I overheard one of the questioners, the headwoman named Betta, mention something about a young girl from the forest who was about to give birth.

Her child scrambled to the side of the door as Betta bowed her way inside.

Then Betta screamed, a beautiful screech that pierced the tent to fly through the camp.

She stepped toward Betta on shaky legs, a gurgle still flowing from her bloody throat.

With her hands batting at the creatures, Betta fell backward out of the tent, coated with the scrabbling bodies of the poisonous beasts.

She threw back the flap and found Betta lying on her back just beyond the doorway.

Romilly was too tired and confused even to know for certain what Betta meant.

They helped themselves to porridge from the kettle and ate, after which Betta came in search of them.

When the women came she noticed that Betta was among them, and greeted her with a nod and smile.