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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Beete \Beete\, Bete \Bete\ (b[=e]t), v. t. [AS. b[=e]tan to mend. See Better.]

  1. To mend; to repair. [Obs.]

  2. To renew or enkindle (a fire). [Obs.]


Bete \Bete\ (b[=e]t), v. t. To better; to mend. See Beete. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Bete may refer to:

  • The Bété people of Côte d'Ivoire
    • Bété languages
  • Bete language (Nigeria), a language of Bete Town, Nigeria
  • Bete (priest)

Bété may refer to:

  • Bété people of Côte d'Ivoire
  • Bété language or languages spoken by them
  • Bété alphabet
  • Bété (fruit), a small citrus fruit grown in southern Nigeria. Closely related to the lime.
Bete (priest)

The Bete were the traditional priestly class in Fiji. The kalou-vu ( Ancestor- Gods) were believed to speak through the Bete.

Usage examples of "bete".

What else would Lily Bede collect but his bete noir, the one remaining tie to the asthma that had molded and cursed his earliest years?

Nicolazic, obsede par une idee fixe, alla trouver le recteur de Pluneret, qui le recut fort mal et le renvoya rudement a son seigle et a ses betes.

Catholicism in its Sunday-best garb, twiddling the knobs of mechanism via the pineal, but he left a clockwork human for the remaining six days of the week, debiologized as well as desacralized and open to treatment as a mere bete machine within the developing industrial revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

BETE NOIRE, Courtenay Youghal, and trying to enlist the influence which he seemed to possess over Comus for the purpose of furthering her hurriedly conceived project.

This Chauntecleer hise wynges gan to bete, As man that koude his traysoun nat espie, So was he ravysshed with his flaterie.

Two fires on the altar gan she bete, And did her thinges, as men may behold In Stace of Thebes , and these bookes old.

La grande bete la, c’est la mienne” In his two hands, by himself, Anatole the orphan without descendants began to drag away one of the large bushbucks he’d shot on the hill.

The older members of the community amongst which he had lived all his life remained faithful to him, but the younger men seemed to prefer the methods employed by his rival and bete noire, Mr Sampson Warrenby, an upstart of no more than fifteen years standing in the district.

In January 1998, she agreed to a Bushells tea television commercial with her bete noire Arthur Tunstall.

Victor Emmanuel laughed long and loudly, and so did his retinue, for Zanni was poking fun at the king's own bete noire, the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and his meddlesome mother, the Dowager Empress Sophia.