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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
best man
▪ And her frail brother bravely struggled from his sick bed to be best man.
▪ The bride walked to the church with the best man with the groom following.
▪ They were close friends, and Critchley was the best man at Heseltine's wedding.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
best man

Groomsman \Grooms"man\, n.; pl. Groomsmen. A male attendant of a bridegroom at his wedding; -- the chief attendant is also called the best man; -- the correlative of bridesmaid.

best man

n. The primary attendant to the groom in a wedding ceremony.

best man

n. the principal groomsman at a wedding

Best Man (The King of Queens)
Best man (disambiguation)

Best man may refer to:

  • Best man, the first attendant to the groom, in a wedding party.

Usage examples of "best man".

Picard had been best man at Ammerman's wedding and godfather to his eldest daughter.