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Bernoulli (crater)

Bernoulli is a lunar impact crater that is located in the northeast part of the Moon. It lies to the south of the crater Messala, and east of Geminus.

This formation is nearly circular with several slight outward bulges around the perimeter. There is a sunken depression along part of the southern wall, forming an outward triangular bulge in the rim. The rim is highest along the eastern side, climbing to 4 km. At the midpoint of the crater floor is a central peak formation.

Usage examples of "bernoulli".

Eighteenth-century Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli discovered that the faster a fluid moves, the lower its pressure.

With luck, Bernoulli effect will keep me inside the stream until I get to the top.

And on he went, invoking the illustrious names of Bernoulli, Fourier, Ampere, Boltzmann and Maxwell.

Trinity River, now boasting a set of rapids it had never had before, Bernoulli recovered his detonator, got in his Hummer, and drove south.

A Mac laptop with a separate Bernoulli drive was plugged in on the desk.

As Jacques Bernoulli demonstrated early in the eighteenth century, an isolated event is no harbinger of anything, but the greater your sampling the more likely you are to guess the true distribution of phenomena within your sample.

Our aim is to find ways of reducing the Bernoulli Interval to zero: that is, to make guesses of ever-increasing accuracy on the basis of an ever-decreasing statistical sample, or, to put it another way, to move from probabilistic to absolute prediction, or, rephrasing it yet again, to replace guesswork with clairvoyance.

She found a computer memory device, something called a Bernoulli drive, in a suitcase under a picnic table in the park.

The sound differed from the hiss of escaping air that she sometimes heard in the narrower passages where, in response to the dictates of Bernoulli, the constant zephyr freshened into something stronger.