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acr. (context business English) break-even_point.


BEP may refer to:

  • Bellary Airport, India (IATA code BEP)
  • BEP chemotherapy, for testicular, ovarian and other cancers
  • Best efficiency point, the point on a pump curve that yields the most efficient operation
  • Break-even point, where any difference between plus or minus or equivalent changes side
  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the US Treasury
  • The Black Eyed Peas, an American hip-hop group.
  • the BOP clade of grasses, formerly BEP clade

Usage examples of "bep".

Doctor Wright had to tap her on the arm to remind her that Bep had sailed away from the gallery and was negotiating a corridor leading to the back of the house.

She was still gaping at it all when Bep crossed the room to open a door and disclose a small bathroom.

And Bep had certainly excelled herself: avocado pears with a shrimp stuffing, turtle soup, turkey with everything that went with it, and then a giant Christmas pudding borne aloft by Hans, blue flames licking at it.

Actually it was only a few minutes before the band stopped playing so that everyone could hear the great clock in the hall chime midnight, and at its last stroke there was a sudden burst of good wishes and kissing while Hans and Bep and the maids wove their way around with more champagne.

A warm bath was heaven with Mrs Wright and Bep fussing round her like two fond mothers, and because she sneezed twice as she got into bed, Bep fetched a woollen shawl and insisted on tucking Emily into it before her supper was brought up to her.

But before she could curl up for the night Bep appeared once more with a glass of milk heavily laced with brandy.

Emily, up and dressed and assuring Bep that she had never felt better, went along to the floor, above.

They stayed with her until Bep came to tell her that her lunch was ready in the small sitting room behind the drawing room.

He had sat himself down at the table and Bep arrived silently with a tray of coffee.

Hans and Bep were in the hall as they came downstairs, to shake their hands and wish them a good journey, but they melted into the background as Renier came out of his study.

Bep and Miep went grocery shopping with our ration coupons, Father worked on our blackout screens, we scrubbed the kitchen floor, and were once again busy from sunup to sundown.

I received quite a few gifts: Springer's five-volume art history book, a set of underwear, two belts, a handkerchief, two jars of yogurt, a jar of jam, two honey cookies (small), a botany book from Father and Mother, a gold bracelet from Margot, a sticker album from the van Daans, Biomalt and sweet peas from Dussel, candy from Miep, candy and notebooks from Bep, and the high point: the book Maria Theresa and three slices of full-cream cheese from Mr.

In all likelihood he's the one who stole the potato flour, and now he's trying to pin the blame on Bep.

First peasant: They are going to see the navetta and the taula d'en Xatart: they come from the disguised two-masted vessel opposite Bep Ventura's warehouse.