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'''Beira ''' can refer to:

  • Beira (mythology), the mother to all the gods and goddesses in the Celtic mythology of Scotland
  • Beira, Azores, a small village on São Jorge Island
  • Beira (Portugal), the name of a region (and former province) in north-central Portugal; three provinces were later known by the name:
    • Beira Alta Province (extinct)
    • Beira Baixa Province (extinct)
    • Beira Litoral Province (extinct)
  • Beira, Mozambique, a port city in Mozambique
  • Beira Railroad Corporation, operating in Mozambique
  • Prince of Beira, a title within the Portuguese royal house
  • Beira (antelope) (scientific name Dorcatragus megalotis), a species of antelope
  • 1474 Beira, an asteroid
Beira (Portugal)

Beira was one of the six traditional provinces or comarcas of Portugal.

The territorial extension is different from that of the area called "The Beiras", which refers to three provinces of 1936, which also include area from Estremadura Province.

There is also a wine region, called Beira VR.

Beira (mythology)

Beira is the name given by 20th-century folklorist Donald Alexander Mackenzie to the Cailleach Bheur, the personification of winter and the mother of all the gods and goddesses in Scottish mythology. She is associated with one of the Celtic creation myths (which usually pertain to local land features) and bears a similar role to Gaea in Greek mythology and Jord in Norse mythology.

According to Mackenzie, Beira was a one-eyed giantess with white hair, dark blue skin, and rust-colored teeth. She built the mountains of Scotland using a magic hammer, and Loch Ness was created when Beira transformed her negligent maid Nessa into a river, which broke loose and made the loch. Ben Nevis was her "mountain throne". The longest night of the year marked the end of her reign as Queen of Winter, at which time she visited the Well of Youth and, after drinking its magic water, grew younger day by day.

Beira (antelope)

The beira (Dorcatragus megalotis) is a small antelope that inhabits arid regions of Somalia, Djibouti, and eastern Ethiopia.

The beira stands high at the shoulder and weighs between . It has a coarse, red-grey coat with a yellow-red face. It has long, ears and the males of the species have short, straight horns. The captive-breeding program at the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation in Qatar has a current population of about 35 beira.

The term 'beira' is derived from behra, its Somali name.

Usage examples of "beira".

He did not, however, fly as far southward as the railway line that linked the port of Beira to the landlocked Zimbabwean border.

From this base they marauded southward, hitting the Frelimo garrisons and strafing and raiding the railway line between Beira on the coast and Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

The railway line to the port of Beira on the Mozambique Channel was the natural solution to his predicament.

Juric and Beira until my arm wearied, but however many times I tell them to take off the white, they are back in the robes before sunset.

Some time later, Mohammed and the bearers returned from the shopping expedition to Beira, and he and Flynn immediately closeted themselves in secret conclave in the arsenal.

Portuguese port of Beira, for Flynn greatly enjoyed his rare visits to civilization.

Along the rough road through the thick coastal bush, they came at last to Beira and entered the main street in procession.

The head of the procession reached the only hotel in Beira and halted.

During this period Rosa and Sebastian spent a little of their time wandering hand in hand through the streets and bazaars of Beira, or sitting, still hand in hand, on the beach and watching the sea.

At Beira, a Portuguese port through which we have treaty rights by which we may pass troops, a curious mixed force of Australians, New Zealanders and others was being disembarked and pushed through to Rhodesia, so as to cut off any trek which the Boers might make in that direction.

These forces had been part of the small army which had come with General Carrington through Beira, and after a detour of thousands of miles, through their own wonderful energy they had arrived in time to form portion of the relieving column.

These contingents had been assembled by long railway journeys, conveyed across thousands of miles of ocean to Cape Town, brought round another two thousand or so to Beira, transferred by a narrow-gauge railway to Bamboo Creek, changed to a broader gauge to Marandellas, sent on in coaches for hundreds of miles to Bulawayo, transferred to trains for another four or five hundred miles to Ootsi, and had finally a forced march of a hundred miles, which brought them up a few hours before their presence was urgently needed upon the field.

Day after day after day, while those who had crept back to the Beira Mar, to rock-rimmed Nictheroy, returned to the green, cool hills to watch and wait.

Like a great green slug it crept over the white thread of the Beira Mar, into the city of jewels.

Chegamos bem devagar ao seu lado e sentamos na beira da cama, eu um pouco mais afastada.