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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
act/behave responsibly
▪ Can I rely on you to behave responsibly while I’m away?
▪ It must be conceded that private shareholders to not always behave logically over their investments.
▪ If the two filters are set at identical angles, then the two photons always behave identically.
▪ As a result, both parties should always behave in good faith.
▪ But a duck always behaves like a duck, whatever his social conditioning, upbringing or training!
▪ Nothing unusual - clocks behaving as before, keeping good time and continuing to emit their light beams.
▪ We are of the deeply held belief that many human beings have come to behave as materialistic tyrants.
▪ Those who have been bereaved will say that they do not know how to behave as newly-bereaved people.
▪ Minna was behaving as if she was intoxicated.
▪ The HeLa cell nucleus continues to behave as before.
▪ Therefore he was free to behave as irresponsibly as he liked without fear of hurting me or our child.
▪ The 8.16 from Darlington and the returning 10.38 behaved as impeccably as the reception class at a Victorian Sunday school.
▪ The guests would be terribly kind, behaving as if she were all right or suffering an unidentified malady.
▪ Children who behave badly have had years to learn it.
▪ Elsewhere, however, they behaved badly.
▪ He accepted that it would be better to give her lots of love and attention for behaving well rather than for behaving badly.
▪ They were all a bunch of spoiled, badly behaved film stars and he had no patience with any of them.
▪ Yet, he counselled himself, he would not behave badly to her.
▪ As for Auster, I am convinced that he behaved badly throughout.
▪ Apart from politically inspired race riots in the early 1960s, rarely did Black people behave badly towards us.
▪ Certainly, individuals may behave badly in any system.
▪ William, who attended the meeting, also agreed that he behaved better when the eyes of the world were upon him.
▪ Furthermore, most people actually believe that they will feel and behave differently under hypnosis.
▪ In what ways will bosses act or behave differently?
▪ The different scales of manufacture can give products which behave differently on stability tests.
▪ Yes, I am behaving differently since the survey.
▪ Due to these different perspectives these managers may behave differently towards subordinates.
▪ Not that he will behave differently right away, but it makes him feel good, and this is a tough business.
▪ She began sleeping back in her own bed more often after that, and in general behaving differently towards me.
▪ I believe him, and still I wish he had behaved differently.
▪ You will find that different kinds of animal may behave in quite different ways.
▪ The reason for this is probably that it implies oligopolies that behave in a way intermediate between perfect competition and monopoly.
▪ Sedges behave in much the same way as grasses, having their stripes neatly arranged along the leaf.
▪ Even the management team behaved in exactly the same manner.
▪ Many years later Alison behaved in exactly the same way.
▪ Certainly, you do read the odd story that describes a person behaving in just the way we have outlined.
▪ Concepts, in his view, behave in very much the same manner.
▪ Those inside it behaved in precisely the same way.
▪ Because of this possibility, shareholders will have to incur monitoring costs or agency costs to ensure that managers behave properly.
▪ Bella had asked me whether I had behaved properly.
▪ But there are also a few who do not behave properly in their dealings with the public.
▪ I know I am not behaving properly.
▪ But you see at home, it's so isolated we never see anyone, I never learned how to behave properly.
▪ From now on we would have to behave properly.
▪ But Rose was serious, hissing in her ear to behave properly, just concentrate.
▪ She had behaved quite out of character just to get the better of him.
▪ The second generation may behave quite differently.
▪ Sue seemed to be behaving quite normally.
▪ When in contact with water, however, the materials behave quite differently.
▪ Sound behaves quite differently to light.
▪ Children can behave quite differently in different settings or with different people.
▪ I shall also do all that I can to ensure that brewers behave responsibly towards their tenants.
▪ Will Opposition Members try to persuade the welfare rights organisations in their constituencies to behave responsibly?
▪ I have written this book only for visitors who behave responsibly and show respect for others.
▪ Rural areas beyond immediate urban influence did not all behave similarly.
▪ The crinoids and the belemnites and the corals behaved similarly.
▪ At high energies all these particles behave similarly.
▪ Of course, other animals behave similarly.
▪ Sequential sulphate and chloride profiles behave similarly.
▪ How could her young sister have behaved so inconsiderately?
▪ Given that male albatrosses have the same genetic incentives as male elephant seals, why do they behave so differently?
▪ Surely it is a good idea to stop health insurers behaving so wickedly?
▪ There is no evidence that the infant, behaving so, can differentiate between objects.
▪ And yet Johnson and Dawson have been impeccably behaved so far in the Six Nations.
▪ Columns and rectangles do not behave so nicely.
▪ Pulling no punches, he asked Vincent what on earth had possessed him to behave so grotesquely.
▪ Look at what happened in the management meeting this morning when you behaved so defensively about budgets.
▪ She had behaved very reasonably, she told her husband afterwards.
▪ Last year I had seen, just like yesterday, a red squirrel behaving very curiously.
▪ He's liable to behave very strangely, too.
▪ The rattler is behaving very strangely, in other words.
▪ You have to behave very circumspectly inthe lift.
▪ Sometimes these less aggressive horses can behave very unexpectedly and take us by surprise.
▪ The case was, of course, settled since the pop group had no defence, and Harold Wilson behaved very generously.
▪ A police spokesman said the demonstrators were well behaved but wet.
▪ Marshall deftly provides her characters with options and opportunities to behave well.
▪ He accepted that it would be better to give her lots of love and attention for behaving well rather than for behaving badly.
▪ Parents take their responsibilities to their children very seriously, and their children are often strikingly well behaved.
▪ In one environment the reasons for behaving well are clear; in another they are easily overlooked and forgotten.
▪ A person may design a better way of raising children primarily to escape from children who do not behave well.
▪ The above trends govern the technology transfer process by making certain types of technologies available to well behaved states.
▪ Children's behaviour problems become a focus of concern when the child is behaving inappropriately or excessively for their age.
▪ The first step is to notice that something is amiss in the way the child learns and behaves in school.
▪ Similarly, a rejecting parent may allow the child to behave as he or she likes.
▪ All the complex factors that make children behave in certain ways will never be simple to identify.
▪ A person may design a better way of raising children primarily to escape from children who do not behave well.
▪ On this occasion the children were particularly well behaved. 3.
▪ The process by which children learn to behave is largely a matter of operant learning.
▪ It seems to us to contravene all normal rules of equity that they should be able to behave in this fashion.
▪ With the economy behaving in almost perfect fashion, stock prices enjoyed some of their strongest gains in years.
▪ Not only is he facing an uncertain future, he is being forced to behave in an uncharacteristic fashion every day.
▪ You curb your spontaneity in an effort to behave in an acceptable fashion.
▪ We adapt and suppress our needs in order to behave in a civilised fashion.
▪ Should voters behave in this fashion, the contents of the Opposition's election manifesto become less significant in deciding the result.
▪ Rostov took a breath, and decided to wait until good manners forced his aide to behave in an approachable fashion.
▪ In reality variable costs do not behave strictly in this manner.
▪ I should not have lost my cool and behaved in that manner.
▪ Now why exactly are you behaving in this extraordinary manner?
▪ It was unthinkable that two vibrancers could behave in such a manner.
▪ Rationality According to classical criminology we mostly behave in a rational manner.
▪ A Newtonian dashpot also behaves in a predictable manner.
▪ Approved modules do not behave in this manner with respect to inheritance.
▪ If they behave in a manner that deserves punishment, they are punished.
▪ We are getting tired of people behaving like prima donnas.
▪ So why were these people behaving like this?
▪ What must be changed are the contingencies which induce young people to behave in given ways towards their governments.
▪ It would require extraordinary performance. People had to behave as if work meant more to them than a paycheck.
▪ It had been an unsettling evening. People were not behaving as he had ordained they should behave.
▪ Are these beliefs consistent with your most important beliefs about how people ought to behave and do behave politically? 2.
▪ Mature people do not behave in that way.
▪ Most slim people do not behave this way.
▪ It is more important to be clear about the links between the way they are behaving and the situations they are in.
▪ Initially they looked at the way convection behaved in a cube.
▪ She could not believe the way she had behaved with Felipe, and she didn't blame him at all.
▪ The images that pervade your mind affect the way you feel as well as the way your body behaves physiologically.
▪ Links and connections will begin to be made between the way counsellees think or feel and the way they behave.
▪ It had apologized for the way it had behaved.
▪ That would have explained the way he had behaved for all these months.
▪ Culture defines accepted ways of behaving for members of a particular society.
▪ Groups evolve expected ways to behave which their members must normally obey.
▪ He examines why certain individuals can not easily accept the ways of thinking and behaving that their social milieu thrusts upon them.
▪ Stern and serious moral advice to women on how to behave has a sweeter-natured sister.
▪ If women behaved like men, then we would have another generation like the one that was destroyed by the Flood.
▪ Such desires may involve coercing the woman into behaving in the way the man wants her to.
▪ But Minu had warned me about how a woman should behave.
▪ Meanwhile women behave more and more like men.
▪ When they arrived the woman began crying, behaving as the injured party.
▪ Then he complains when she begins to behave like a very naughty child.
▪ Quite suddenly, students at universities begin to behave outrageously.
▪ When they arrived the woman began crying, behaving as the injured party.
▪ An analysis of behavior naturally begins with simple organisms behaving in simple ways in simple settings.
▪ Then a great many of the bar's occupants began to behave as if they had just remembered urgent appointments.
▪ It is no doubt valuable to create an environment in which a person acquires effective behavior rapidly and continues to behave effectively.
▪ Now Will maintains his positive attitude by continuing to behave in the same way. 5.
▪ President Gorbachev continues to behave as if the middle ground were still there, because without it he is nothing.
▪ That is, events might not have continued behaving in the regular and predictable ways that could be described by such laws.
▪ The HeLa cell nucleus continues to behave as before.
▪ A castrated stallion who has been used at stud may continue to behave like an entire, but be infertile.
▪ Where a country espouses outward-looking policies, it may continue to behave in many important respects as though it were still domestically focused.
▪ Thus under certain conditions we can expect A* to behave in the same way as breadth-first search.
▪ So why should visitors be expected to behave differently?
▪ On his return he puzzled me by behaving exactly as I expected an S.S.O. to behave.
▪ We expect you to behave yourself in here and own up to all the charges.
▪ Rather, that person is also entitled to expect others to behave towards him or her in certain ways.
▪ We always treat the stallions like geldings, taking care, of course, but they are expected to behave.
▪ Harriet, as might have been expected, behaved admirably.
▪ He liked gentlemen to behave as he expected them to behave.
▪ From it I could learn how to behave with my partner.
▪ The first step is to notice that something is amiss in the way the child learns and behaves in school.
▪ Virginia says I must learn how to behave in public.
▪ Where do we learn how to behave in the intimacy of marriage?
▪ The actual work was related to scientific observation, enquiry, recording as well as learning how to behave in a group.
▪ But you see at home, it's so isolated we never see anyone, I never learned how to behave properly.
▪ The process by which children learn to behave is largely a matter of operant learning.
▪ Not surprisingly, the rebellious streak in his nature surfaced, and he started to behave with studied rudeness.
▪ If more people in the developed world start behaving like this we would have a better world.
▪ Few things are as instantly heart-stopping to a computer user as the time when his machine starts to behave erratically.
▪ Surely it is a good idea to stop health insurers behaving so wickedly?
▪ Calm down, and stop behaving like a shocked medieval nun.
▪ To stop the turntable behaving like a seismograph, it is suspended on isolating springs.
▪ So he got the job as the postman, yet even that didn't stop him behaving strangely.
▪ If she didn't try and make him behave, no one else would.
▪ Her kids just don't know how to behave.
▪ How does Sam behave at school?
▪ I'm not going to talk to him until he starts behaving reasonably.
▪ If you behave yourself, I'll let you stay up to watch the movie.
▪ If you two don't behave, I'm taking you straight home.
▪ Make sure you behave yourselves when we visit Grandma.
▪ Oh, be quiet! You're behaving like a two-year-old.
▪ The next time I saw him, Frank behaved as if nothing had happened.
▪ William was behaving very strangely towards me.
▪ You behaved bravely in a very difficult situation.
▪ A police spokesman said the demonstrators were well behaved but wet.
▪ Although men provide more menace to the basis of a society, it is women who are instructed in how to behave.
▪ Eventually, the children themselves may begin to understand their own feelings, and why they behave as they do.
▪ Given that male albatrosses have the same genetic incentives as male elephant seals, why do they behave so differently?
▪ She had behaved very reasonably, she told her husband afterwards.
▪ The best way to behave is to act assertively, she said.
▪ Then a great many of the bar's occupants began to behave as if they had just remembered urgent appointments.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Behave \Be*have"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Behaved; p. pr. & vb. n. Behaving.] [AS. behabban to surround, restrain, detain (akin to G. gehaben (obs.) to have, sich gehaben to behave or carry one's self); pref. be- + habban to have. See Have, v. t. ]

  1. To manage or govern in point of behavior; to discipline; to handle; to restrain. [Obs.]

    He did behave his anger ere 't was spent.

  2. To carry; to conduct; to comport; to manage; to bear; -- used reflexively.

    Those that behaved themselves manfully.
    --2 Macc. ii. 21.


Behave \Be*have"\, v. i. To act; to conduct; to bear or carry one's self; as, to behave well or ill.

Note: This verb is often used colloquially without an adverb of manner; as, if he does not behave, he will be punished. It is also often applied to inanimate objects; as, the ship behaved splendidly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from be- intensive prefix + have in sense of "to have or bear (oneself) in a particular way, comport" (compare German sich behaben, French se porter). Cognate Old English compound behabban meant "to contain," and alternatively the modern sense of behave might have evolved from behabban via a notion of "self-restraint." Related: Behaved; behaving.


vb. 1 (label en reflexive) To conduct (oneself) well, or in a given way. 2 (label en intransitive) To act, conduct oneself in a specific manner; (non-gloss definition: used with an adverbial of manner.)

  1. v. behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself; "You should act like an adult"; "Don't behave like a fool"; "What makes her do this way?"; "The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people" [syn: act, do]

  2. behave in a certain manner; "She carried herself well"; "he bore himself with dignity"; "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times" [syn: acquit, bear, deport, conduct, comport, carry]

  3. behave well or properly; "The children must learn to behave" [syn: comport] [ant: misbehave]


"(Someone's Always Telling You How To) Behave" is a single from Chumbawamba, different version than the song "Behave" off of their album Shhh, with full lyrics, a faster tempo and no trumpet or samples.

According to the band: "Not much loved by Southern (our then distributors), this record was a bugbear which led to Chumbawamba finally calling it quits for the band's own Agit-Prop label: unable to afford to publicise the single properly and having to argue for the distributors to release it as CD as well as vinyl, 'Behave' was released whilst the band were on tour in USA. By the time they got back to the UK it had virtually disappeared without trace. Nevertheless it remains one of Chumbawamba's favourite recordings." 1

The line " Mickey Mouse grew up a cow" comes from the David Bowie song " Life on Mars?", with the addition of the line "you should hear the things they say about Minnie now."

Behave (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

"Behave" is the third episode of the twelfth season of the police proceduralLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit and the 251st episode overall. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on September 29, 2010. The episode, which was inspired by rape kit backlogs, follows Detective Olivia Benson ( Mariska Hargitay) helping a repeat rape victim ( Jennifer Love Hewitt) stand up to her attacker, and finding the evidence to put him away. Meanwhile, the rapist ( James Le Gros) could possibly walk because the evidence against him has been misplaced, poorly stored and even accidentally destroyed.

The episode was written by long-time Law & Order: SVU writer, Jonathan Greene and was directed by Helen Shaver. It was inspired by the backlog of rape kits across the United States and the story of California rape victim, Helena Lazaro, whose evidence went unprocessed for years. Skeet Ulrich made a special guest appearance in this episode as his Law & Order: Los Angeles character, Detective Rex Winters, who was on Vicki's rape case when she lived in Los Angeles. Law & Order: Los Angeles originally premiered on NBC directly after this episode.

"Behave" was given generally positive reviews from critics, especially Hewitt's portrayal of Vicki Sayers, and according to the Nielsen ratings from TV by the Numbers, the episode's original broadcast was watched by 9.47 million total viewers and received a 2.8 rating / 8% share in the 18–49 age demographic, making it the second most watched program on NBC of the night, under the premiere episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles.

Usage examples of "behave".

I began to behave, like all university actors, in the most actorish way possible.

However, I tend to think that passive participles do behave like normal adjectives in this regard.

They will find no Pelton, but they will find three women who will swear that, yes, you and your men demanded admittance last night, whereupon you behaved with drunken debauchery, fighting amongst yourselves.

Clem for something of this kind, yet he had managed things so well that up to the time of his departure she had not been able to remark a single suspicious circumstance, unless, indeed, it were the joyous affectionateness with which he continued to behave, She herself had been passing through a time of excitement and even of suffering.

They behaved in a professional way, cutting me like that, and there is something strangely amateurish too.

Even the quite young aphides behaved in this manner, showing that the action was instinctive, and not the result of experience.

What if this was simply how Archaeons behaved without gravity to keep them in check?

On the other hand, they seem to behave just like the asteroidal gee points.

You go through this audition today like a good girl and behave yourself.

Murray Undeceived and Avenged Tontine had what is called tact and common sense, and thinking these qualities were required in our economy she behaved with great delicacy, not going to bed before receiving my letters, and never coming into my room except in a proper dress, and all this pleased me.

Susan Bates looked sidewise at Minnie Peters and asked her to behave herself.

After I had left her I began to examine the nature of my feelings towards her, and they frightened me, for I could neither behave towards Mdlle.

After supper I sent out Le Duc and the other servant, and as soon as I was alone with my too lovely housekeeper, who had behaved at table like a woman of the world, I begged her to tell me her history.

The affair was happily consummated, but we had a narrow escape of being caught by Rose, who came in with Le Duc and begged me to let him dance, promising that he would behave himself properly.

While not all the same men, this group has behaved toward you almost exactly as the first.