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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Beeves \Beeves\ (b[=e]vz), n. plural of Beef, the animal.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

original plural of beef (compare boevz, plural of Old French buef), now only in restricted use.


n. (context archaic or humorous English) (plural of beef nodot=t English): cows, bulls, or steers.


See beef

  1. n. cattle that are reared for their meat [syn: beef cattle]

  2. meat from an adult domestic bovine [syn: boeuf]

  3. informal terms for objecting; "I have a gripe about the service here" [syn: gripe, kick, bitch, squawk]

  4. [also: beeves (pl)]

  1. v. complain; "What was he hollering about?" [syn: gripe, grouse, crab, squawk, bellyache, holler]

  2. [also: beeves (pl)]

Usage examples of "beeves".

Avoiding the ranchitos and wells, where the cows and younger cattle were to be found, we circled the extreme outskirts of our range, only occasionally halting, and then but for a single glance over some prime beeves.

Governor Trochu had stocked the city with forty thousand beeves and two hundred thousand sheep in the Bois and the Luxembourg Gardens, plus warehouses full of flour and coal and ammunition.

On reaching the gentle rise, there below us grazed the logy, lazy beeves, while the boys quietly rode round, silently moving them together as instructed.

The foreman of these unenlisted attaches, a Texan named Sanders, had casually ridden past his camp the day before, looking over the cattle, and had pronounced them the finest lot of beeves tendered the government since his connection with that post.

Across the lake from their tober, where the cattle and sheep were pastured and guarded, the herdsmen rode about, separated out some two score of the fattest beeves, then drove them past the circus lot, out of the Bois and through the Place de la Muette, clearly heading for the markets at les Halles.

From what I could gather from the foreman, the buyers simply buffaloed the young fellow out of his beeves, and are now hanging back for more favorable terms.

But Reed and I raised such a howl around that town that we posted every man with beeves for sale until the buyers had to pony up the cash for every hoof they bought.

Giving orders at camp to graze the received beeves within a mile of the corrals by noon, and the wagon to follow, we made an early start, Flood taking his own horses with him.

July sun, and for a full day twenty thousand beeves grazed in sight of each other on the mesas surrounding the head of Stinking Water.

He had passed the other outfits, and notified us all to have the cattle under convenient herd, properly watered in advance, as the post commandant, quartermaster, and a party of minor officers were going to ride out that afternoon and inspect our beeves.

Salt Fork of the Cimarron, and late in the fall when all the beeves had been shipped, the outfit were riding lines and loose-herding a lot of Texas yearlings, and mixed cattle, natives to that range.

Taking advantage of the loose order of the beeves, the old man rode back and forth through them until approaching darkness compelled us to throw them together on the bedground.

For as a member of the dominating Protestant church he would be among those who habitually dined at the great tables in the great mansions of Dublin, where music could be heard as the candles glowed and crinoline swirled and servants ministrated, and the beeves came rare upon their silver platters while crystal goblets of the best of grog were put to lips.

Bill Pickett was watching a handful of John Chisum’s cowboys in the valley driving a herd of market-ready steers upriver, beeves for a government contract with the Apache reservation west of Ruidoso, New Mexico Territory.