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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bedevilment \Be*dev"il*ment\, n. The state of being bedeviled; bewildering confusion; vexatious trouble. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1825, from bedevil + -ment.


n. The characteristic of being bedeviled.


n. the act of harassing someone [syn: badgering, worrying, torment]

Usage examples of "bedevilment".

And, my good fellow, if you will open your bedevilments to me when they come thick upon you, I may show you better ways out of them than you can find for yourself.

I am fully convinced that it is impossible for a woman, even if she were born close to a throne, to acquire before the age of five-and-twenty the encyclopaedic knowledge of trifles, the practice of manoeuvring, the important small things, the musical tones and harmony of coloring, the angelic bedevilments and innocent cunning, the speech and the silence, the seriousness and the banter, the wit and the obtuseness, the diplomacy and the ignorance which make up the perfect lady.