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n. Shortened form of the female given name Rebecca.


Becca is a proper name. It is generally a short form for the given name Rebecca; however, it is also a name in its own accord.

Becca (musician)

Rebecca Emily Hollcraft (born May 9, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, known professionally as BECCA, Becca-chan, and Bec Hollcraft. From 2012 to 2015 she was the lead singer in the rock band Stars in Stereo.

Becca (film)

Becca is a 1989 UK-Australian TV movie about a Welsh farmer who is transported to Australia in the 1840s. It was shot in English and Welsh.

Becca (Ghanaian singer)

Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong (born August 15, 1984), known mononymously as Becca, is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter and actress. She was a contestant on the second season of TV3's annual singing competition, Mentor. Her debut studio album, Sugar, was released in 2007; it earned her five nominations at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards. The album's lead single, "You Lied to Me", garnered Record of the Year category at the aforementioned awards. Becca released her second studio album, Time 4 Me, on May 16, 2013. It features guest appearances from 2face Idibia, M.I, King Ayisoba & Trigmatic, Jay and Storm Akwaboah. The album was certified 2x platinum by the Recording Industry of Ghana. Becca's accolades include one Kora Award, one National Youth Achievers Award, four Ghana Music Awards, and three 4Syte TV Music Video Awards. She holds her annual Girl Talk concert at various locations in Ghana; the concert started in 2011. Becca was ranked 94 on Ghana's 2013 list of the 100 most influential people in Ghana.

Usage examples of "becca".

The cloth swept efficiently across the south wall, and Becca swiveled around on her bottom and repeated the process with barely a missed motion.

He would need Becca to hold it while he stood on a chair with the drill.

He went inside and called for Becca to come and help with the last shelf.

The front door was closed against the sun, making the hallway dark after the brightness of the upstairs and Becca paused, slowing down on the stairs, blinking to let her eyes adjust to the light.

The two of them stood there, each confused in their own way: Becca, unsure as to how to finish the conversation, the old woman now just confused.

Dan called from the kitchen as Becca approached through the dining room.

The minute Becca was out the door, Dan stuck Sheryl Crow on the stereo and cranked it.

He and Becca had talked of little else in the narrow single bed in his rented room off-campus the last year of college.

With the image of a bed in her mind, Becca imagined lying across one in a hotel room, listening to Gordon Huff brush his teeth in the bathroom.

By the time he gave up for the night and crawled into bed, it was after one and Becca was lightly snoring, the sheet tangled around her body as though she was restless.

The sheet tugged where it was tucked under Becca and he relented to it, easing it out, careful not to wake her.

He put off going in for as long as possible, doing the supper dishes and sweeping the kitchen floor with extra caution, the way Becca did before she washed it.

When Becca pushed open the front door, both hands were fully occupied with shopping bags.

He ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time, leaving Becca to stand in the hall, her egregious tokens dangling elegantly from her fingers.

As Becca walked toward the front door, Dan stared up the full length of the door, and tugged once more on the knob, making sure it was firmly, resolutely closed.