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BDM may refer to:

  • Background Debug Mode interface, a programming interface to embedded systems microcontrollers like JTAG
  • Berkeley Dance Marathon, an annual benefit for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation hosted at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Big Damn Movie, referring to the movie Serenity by Joss Whedon
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages (alternative to BMD) for Civil Registration in the United Kingdom
  • Braddock Dunn & McDonald, a longtime defense contractor of 7000 employees purchased by TRW Inc in the mid-1990s
  • Brian David-Marshall, a writer about Magic: The Gathering
  • Browning BDM, the "Browning Dual Mode" automatic pistol made by Browning
  • Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, noted political scientist at New York University
  • Bund Deutscher M├Ądel, a Nazi Germany girls' organisation
  • Business Decision Mapping, a technique for making decisions of the kind that often need to be made in business
  • Business Development Manager, a euphemistic job-title for a marketer
  • M141 Bunker Defeat Munition, a modern weapon
  • The Bateson-Dobzhansky-Muller Model of evolutionary speciation
  • The Becker-DeGroot-Marschak method of measuring willingness-to-pay in experimental economics
  • The Black Dahlia Murder (band), an American extreme metal band from Michigan
  • BDM (aircraft constructor), a French aircraft constructor/designer