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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bail \Bail\, n. [OF. bail, baille. See Bailey.]

  1. (Usually pl.) A line of palisades serving as an exterior defense. [Written also bayle.] [Obs.]

  2. The outer wall of a feudal castle. Hence: The space inclosed by it; the outer court.

  3. A certain limit within a forest. [Eng.]

  4. A division for the stalls of an open stable.

  5. (Cricket) The top or cross piece (or either of the two cross pieces) of the wicket.


Bayle can refer to:

  • A position in medieval France and Spain similar to that of a bailiff
  • François Bayle, a French composer of acousmatic music
  • George A. Bayle Jr., first to market peanut butter
  • Jean-Michel Bayle, a French motorcycle racer
  • Pierre Bayle, a philosopher
  • Bayle Mountain in New Hampshire, United States

Usage examples of "bayle".

Pouncing for the phone book, Weston was trying to find the name of Bayle, when Cranston reached across his shoulder and pointed it out for him.

It was plain to The Shadow that murderers had not cared just where Bayle died, though they would probably have preferred him to fall from a cab, the way he had.

Jorton, Bayle, Halden, Raft - they were the four hooded men who had received rings.

I have taken passage on the vessels of a local smuggler, a man called Bayle Domon.

Elayne said hastily, remembering Nynaeve telling almost everything to Bayle Domon.

Tell Juilin and Bayle there is supposedly a woman named Cerindra somewhere in this city who claims to know all sorts of dark secrets about Amathera.

Juilin with his staff and Bayle Domon with his cudgel stood over a man with pale yellow hair lying facedown on the floor, unconscious.

After listening for a time with his own eyes growing wider and wider, Bayle drank down a brimful cup of the dark raw liquor in one go.

Abruptly she tilted lifted the cup to her mouth unsteadily and gulped the contents, choking and coughing, then thrust it out toward Bayle for more.

Captain Bayle flicked the switch once more and hurried, full of worry, to the bridge.

Lyffan fleet was officially declared to be the Royal Lyffan Space Navy as soon as King Osgard, General Garth, Captain Bayle, and John Harlen were satisfied that it could hold its own in any interplanetary battle, and General Garth became Admiral Garth.

Garth and Bayle called off the defending ships, and still the enemy burned.

Ben Bayle arrived first with two cups and a dark green bottle, which he uncorked and then poured for us.

He was a habitual early riser, like Bayle himself--a relic from military days, it seemed.

She longed for the meal to be over, so she could talk to Bayle before another night fell.