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n. (plural of battle English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: battle)

Battles (band)

Battles is an American experimental rock group, founded in 2002 in New York City by Ian Williams (formerly of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress). The current line-up is guitarist/ keyboardist Ian Williams, guitarist/ bassist Dave Konopka (formerly of Lynx), and drummer John Stanier (formerly of Helmet).

Battles (La'Porsha Renae song)

"Battles" is the debut single by American Idol season fifteen runner-up La'Porsha Renae and would have been her coronation song had she won the contest.

Usage examples of "battles".

The immunity of the gods, who fight their mock battles while men stand and die, casts into higher relief the tragic situation of the men who risk and suffer not only pain and mutilation but the prospect, inevitable if the war goes on long enough, of death, of the total extinction of the individual personality.

Agamemnon, eyes and head like Zeus who loves the lightning, great in the girth like Ares, god of battles, broad through the chest like sea lord Poseidon.

Backing over and over, the Argives gave ground, seeing the lord of battles lead the Trojan onset.

Bloodier battles would be fought in the next few years at places like Shiloh and Antietam and Gettysburg, but none would be quite as educational.

During the war the two sides generally disagreed about the names of battles, partly out of pride.

Beauregard had been fascinated with the battles of Napoleon and read about them avidly.

Later in the war, in battles like Gettysburg, the Second New Hampshire would do well, but not this day.

Washington and Greene, was writing the history of the battles in which he had drawn his sword for his native land.

From this species of digression we come back to the narrative of public events, and the history of the great series of battles which were to make the banks of the Chickahominy historic ground.

Young, ardent, ambitious, as brave as steel, ready with jest or laughter, with his banjo-player following him, going into the hottest battles humming a song, this young Virginian was, in truth, an original character, and impressed powerfully all who approached him.

Associated with him in the battles of the Chickahominy, and to the end, was the able and resolute Longstreet--an officer of low and powerful stature, with a heavy, brown beard reaching to his breast, a manner marked by unalterable composure, and a countenance whose expression of phlegmatic tranquillity never varied in the hottest hours of battle.

Nor are battles themselves the subjects of greatest interest to the thoughtful student.

We have presented a sufficiently full narrative of the great battles of the Chickahominy to enable the reader to form his own opinion of the events, and the capacity of the two leaders who directed them.

Such were the events which succeeded the battles of the Chickahominy, transferring hostilities to a new theatre, and inaugurating the great campaigns of the summer and autumn of 1862 in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

These men, who had passed through a campaign of hard marches and nearly incessant battles, seemed to have forgotten all their troubles and sufferings.