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n. Pieces of fabric or fibre used for stuffing; as for batting or insulation


Batt may refer to:

  • Shortened form of Battery (electricity)
  • Batt (Rapper) – Russian rapper, actor, producer.
  • Batt (surname)
  • Batt Reef, coral reef off Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia
  • Batt O'Keeffe, Irish politician and current Minister for Education and Science
  • Batting (material), pieces of fabric or fibre used for stuffing
  • Fibreglass batt, a form of thermal building insulation material
  • Harry Batt, English television programme
  • BATT, Acronym for British Army Training Team
BATT (professional wrestling)

BATT was a professional wrestling stable that competed in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling from 2001 to 2002. The name: BATT is short for "Bad Ass Translate Trading", meaning a group of wrestlers that crossed borders. The groups is best known for the fact that its members were from different promotions: New Japan (Mutoh, Frye, & Ohtani), All Japan (Kea & Hase), and Michinoku Pro (Shinzaki).

Batt (surname)

Batt is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bryan Batt (born 1963), American actor
  • Charles Batt (1928–2007), Australian politician
  • Damian Batt (born 1984), English footballer
  • David Alan Batt (born 1958), the birth name of English musician David Sylvian
  • Dennis E. Batt (1886–19??), American political activist and journalist
  • Isaac Batt (ca. 1725–1791), Canadian fur trader
  • Jay Batt, American politician
  • Mike Batt (born 1949), English songwriter
  • Neil Batt (born 1937), Australian politician
  • Phil Batt (born 1927), American politician
  • Ryley Batt (born 1989), Australian wheelchair rugby player
  • Stephen Batt (born 1959), the birth name of English musician Steve Jansen
Batt (Gentlemen cricketer)

Batt (first name and dates unknown) was an English cricketer probably associated with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) who made his first-class debut in 1827, playing for the Gentlemen against the Players.

Usage examples of "batt".

Hobart Batt produced a professional, placating smile but there was a cautious expression in his eyes.

It was rapidly becoming clear that he could not depend upon Hobart Batt and Synergistic Connections to find him a suitable wife in the few weeks that he had left before the annual board meeting.

But while Batt fiddled around with his files of registered candidates, Rafe thought, he would go hunting on his own.

Although Hobart Batt did not seem to think it was a big selling point to a potential spouse, he thought.

Hobart Batt popped up in front of them, dapper in a pale pink suit and tie.

Hobart Batt, attired in dapper evening wear, perched on the edge of his chair with the nervous air of a small mouse-wren.

He also knew that if he eased up on the pressure, Batt might regain his nerve and become defiant.

He was vaguely aware that Hobart Batt was staring at him with renewed alarm, but he could not deal with him now.

He pushed the intruding thoughts aside and indicated the chair that Hobart Batt had recently vacated.

He should have been pleased that Batt had apparently moved quickly to start the matchmaking process, but for some reason, he felt a chill in his gut.

Before Feather could respond, Hobart Batt, looking particularly stylish in an off-white suit and matching bow tie, bounced through the doorway.

She was trying to cope with the wrenching blow Hobart Batt had unwittingly delivered.

When Hobart Batt finds you the perfect wife, the woman who will fit into your grand plan for the future, you will marry her.

Hobart Batt finds you the perfect wife, the woman who will fit into your grand plan for the future, you will marry her.

Hobart Batt would be calling any day to schedule the next phase of the process.