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n. (context sumo English) a sumo tournament of any kind


Basho may refer to:

  • Bashō, Edo-period Japanese haiku poet
  • Basho (crater), a crater on Mercury
  • Basho Technologies, a distributed database company
  • Bashō, a Noh play by Komparu Zenchiku
  • Basho, a concept in Kitaro Nishida's philosophy
  • Basho, a contest in sumo wrestling, especially one of the honbasho
Bashō (crater)

Bashō is a crater on Mercury named after Matsuo Bashō, a 17th Century Japanese writer. Bashō crater is only in diameter, but is a prominent feature on Mercury's surface, due to its bright rays. Photographs from NASA's Mariner 10 and MESSENGER spacecraft show an curious halo of dark material around the crater.

Usage examples of "basho".

The other green, Res Sandre, preferred to monitor propulsion and engineering, working with the reticent AI named Basho to use this time out of Hawking space to good advantage in taking stock.

Rather than seek similar employment elsewhere, the young Basho, who had long been interested in poetry, abandoned his samurai status and, after studying for a while in Kyoto, moved to the military capital of Edo.

But to a far greater degree than either of his distinguished contemporaries, Basho dealt with the eternal verities and spoke to all people of all ages.

A foreign simile would be to liken Basho to a pearl, and Buson to a diamond.

The prose of Saikaku, the puppet plays of Chikamatsu, and the poems of Basho were resuscitated, annotated, and made available to a wide reading public.

Already Basho and several of the other AIs were brooding about the proximity to the oncoming harvesting ship.

I am minded of the wanderings of Matsuo Basho, who said that all of us are travelers every minute of our lives.

She looked so young, so innocent, that she reminded Cat of something Basho had written.

And yet Basho, who lived in the seventeenth century, is the equal of any of them.

The surface of the basho has been purified and sanctified by salt by the visiting priests.