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n. 1 A tarpaulin or plastic waterproof sheet. 2 (context UK military slang English) A makeshift shelter made from the above.


Basha may refer to:

  • Baasha (king), a Hebrew king
  • Basha (film), a Tamil movie
  • Basha (tarpaulin), British military slang for a shelter or sleeping area
  • Arabic pronunciation of the Turkish title " Pasha", formerly used by some Arab rulers in Ottoman-influenced areas
  • Basha, a chain of Lebanese cuisine restaurants in the Greater Montreal area
Basha (tarpaulin)

A Basha is a waterproof canvas or plastic sheet with eyelets or loops on the perimeter, which is used in camping, outdoor, or military situations to act as a shelter, in the form of an impromptu tent and/or groundsheet, usually supported with rope or even bungee cords attached to trees.

Usage examples of "basha".

Colonel Talanne, wife of Basha, but is it really necessary to have so many people in the room?

He had the same delicate features as General Basha and his son, but not quite.

The anger was still there bubbling and hidden, but Basha was in control today.

General Basha, but you must know that you cannot have peace in the midst of hate.

Everyone in the room turned to see General Basha standing in front of a long table.

I propose a toast to the bravery of General Basha and General Alick, the bravery of all the Torlick and Venturi.

General Basha wishes the new ambassador to have access to the cells, then let him tell us himself.

And he could not fight his way to the captain, not with Basha hovering over the buttons.

She had stolen his son from him, for Basha now felt that he had no son.

When he had returned from his expedition he offered the Sultan fifteen thousand dollars for the place of its Basha or Governor, and promised him thirty thousand dollars a year as tribute.

There was a Basha at Tetuan already, but that was a trifling difficulty.

The revenues had risen to fifty thousand dollars, so that the Basha had twenty thousand to the good.

For such opposition to the will of the Basha any other person would have been cast into a damp dungeon at night, and chained in the hot sun by day.

HOUSE When Israel had been some twenty years at Tetuan, Naomi being then fourteen years of age, Ben Aboo, the Basha, married a Christian wife.

Ben Aboo, their Basha, was a good, humane man, who was often driven to do that which his soul abhorred.