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bank building

n. a building in which commercial banking is transacted; "the bank is on the corner of Nassau and Witherspoon" [syn: bank]

Bank Building (Uxbridge, Massachusetts)

The Bank Building was a historic building located at 40-44 South Street, in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Until its destruction by fire in 2013, it was the best-preserved of Uxbridge's 19th century commercial buildings. The three story brick structure was built in 1895-6, and housed commercial storefronts on the ground floor, offices on the second, and a large meeting space on the third floor.

On October 7, 1983, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The building was essentially destroyed and then razed following a July 2013 fire.

Bank Building

Bank Building, or variants thereof, may refer to:

Bank Building (Accomac, Virginia)

Bank Building, also known as Old Mercantile Building and Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, is a historic commercial building located at Accomac, Virginia, Accomack County, Virginia. It was built about 1820, and is a two-story, rectangular brick structure in the Federal style. The front facade and watertable are stuccoed. It has a gable roof and features a fanlight window above the second story door.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

Usage examples of "bank building".

The six people piled out of the two taxis at the private entrance of the Victoria Bank building on the side street.

He was standing to the side of the bank building, smoking a cigarette, watching me.

He strode across the street and walked along the block to the bank building, while Shadow walked into the supermarket hall and watched.

The two men left through the door on the south side of the bank building.

You will turn and enter the General National Bank Building, take the first available elevator, and ride up to the fifteenth floor.

It was a complicated matter, a new high-rise bank building contemplated for the corner of Edgewater Avenue and Twenty-third, with an arcade, a restaurant, twenty specialty shops and an additional sixty-five thousand square feet of office space to lease.

I was especially fascinated with the facade of the old Stoneybrook bank building.

The grin turned into a grimace when I caught sight of the bank building.

Seated in his leather chair, gazing across many square meters of glistening desktop, I looked out through his crystal window at the light-sparkled bulk of a bank building.