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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ All the doors have fanlights even though they are in the basement.
▪ Dust floated in the beams of light that flooded through the fanlight over the front door.
▪ It looked as if it had only two storeys, but suggested an attic under the fanlight in the roof.
▪ It was small but typically eighteenth-century in origin, with an Adam doorway and spider web fanlight.
▪ Robert would not have said that the fanlight was almost obliterated with bird droppings.
▪ She stood directly under the fanlight in the middle of the room.
▪ Well, it's not entirely dark ... there's a lamp outside that shines through the fanlight.

n. a semicircular or semioval window over a door or other window, normally having a fan-like structure of ribs; sometimes hinged to the transom

  1. n. a window above a door and hinged to a transom [syn: transom, transom window]

  2. a window in a roof to admit daylight [syn: skylight]

  3. a semicircular window over a door or window; usually has sash bars like the ribs of a fan


A fanlight is a window, semicircular or semi-elliptical in shape, with glazing bars or tracery sets radiating out like an open fan. It is placed over another window or a doorway, and is sometimes hinged to a transom. The bars in the fixed glazed window spread out in the manner of a sunburst. It is also called a "sunburst light".

Image:Orangeville Il People's State Bank2.JPG|Semi-circular fanlight windows with brick divides, People's State Bank (Orangeville, Illinois) Image:Priestley Door.jpg|Main door and fanlight, Joseph Priestley House in Northumberland, Pennsylvania Image:2007-04-08DeilingenKapelle05.jpg|


Image:03576 - Porta Venezia, Milano - Dettaglio - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto 23-Jun-2007.jpg|City gate Milan, Italy Image:Société Jersiaise door, Jersey.jpg|

Door, Jersey

Image:Palácio-da-Pena Pátio-dos-Arcos 1 (OUT-07).jpg|Palácio Nacional da Pena, Sintra, Portugal Image:Bilbao Airport windows.jpg| Bilbao Airport windows Image:AriahParkHotelLeadlight.jpg|Hotel, Ariah Park, New South Wales

Usage examples of "fanlight".

In the mornings, surrounded by tapes, bobbins and bales of flannelette and drill, I released myself from the shop and went straight up through the fanlight into my dream world, the dream world which held the river and the wood and fells, and .

The house in Woburn Place looked as if it had remained unchanged through decades of Listers, kept to its original brass fittings, its stained-glass fanlight, newel post, rosewood table in the entrance-room sitting on a Belgian carpet so silky it reflected the dim light.

Toward a dozen peaks of green copper tile roof, three stories of white stucco and green shutters, columned porticoes, balustered balconies and verandas, arched doors and fanlight windows.

The windows in front were dark and those to the right were tightly shuttered, but light flickered faintly through the antique white fanlight above the six-paneled Colonial door.

I could remember the Moms's voice high overhead at a screen-porch door, calling us in as dusk drifted down and leaded fanlights began to light up at homes' doors in some sort of linear sync.

Promptly Francesca did as she was told, standing in the center square of the black and white marble checkerboard floor of the hallway, lifting her face to the sun washing in through the fanlight over the door.

The windows were neatly bracketed by shutters the color of clotted cream, and the imposing front entrance was surmounted by a stained-glass fanlight that must have been at least a century old.

There was a coping stone missing from the roof and one of the dirt-blackened panes of the fanlight was cracked.

Flanking the fireplace towards the ends of the brick wall were French windows with fanlights.

As I approached the house I saw a tall man in a Scotch bonnet with a coat which was buttoned up to his chin waiting outside in the bright semicircle which was thrown from the fanlight.

He struck the umbrella stand, knocked it over, then hit the front door hard enough to make the glass in the fanlight quiver.