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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bandanna \Ban*dan"na\, Bandana \Ban*dan"a\, n. [Hind. b[=a]ndhn[=u] a mode of dyeing in which the cloth is tied in different places so as to prevent the parts tied from receiving the dye. Cf. Band, n.]

  1. A species of silk or cotton handkerchief, having a uniformly dyed ground, usually of red or blue, with white or yellow figures of a circular, lozenge, or other simple form; -- it is often used as a neckerchief. The term is also used for any large and brightly colored handkerchief.

  2. Hence: Any scarf worn on the neck or head, usually of large size.

  3. A style of calico printing, in which white or bright spots are produced upon cloth previously dyed of a uniform red or dark color, by discharging portions of the color by chemical means, while the rest of the cloth is under pressure.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also often bandanna, 1752, from Hindi bandhnu, a method of dyeing, from Sanskrit badhnati "binds" (because the cloth is tied like modern tie-dye), from same PIE root as band (n.1). Etymologically, the colors and spots are what makes it a bandana.


n. 1 A large kerchief, usually colourful and used either as headgear or as a handkerchief, neckerchief, bikini, or sweatband. 2 A style of calico printing, in which white or bright spots are produced upon cloth previously dyed a uniform red or dark colour, by discharging portions of the color by chemical means, while the rest of the cloth is under pressure.


n. large and brightly colored handkerchief; often used as a neckerchief [syn: bandanna]

Bandana (disambiguation)

A bandana is a cloth known as another name of kerchief.

Bandana may also refer to:

  • Bandana (pop band)
  • Bandana (country band)
  • Bandana, Kentucky, a small town in the United States
  • Y Bandana, a Welsh alternative rock band.
    • Y Bandana (album), their self-titled debut album.
  • Bandana (album), second studio album by American hip hop duo MadGibbs.
Bandana (pop band)

Bandana is an Argentine pop girl group formed in 2001. Following the international trend of teen pop girl groups established by the Spice Girls, the five members of Bandana — Ivonne Guzmán, Lourdes Cecilia Fernández, Valeria Gastaldi, Virginia Da Cunha and María Elizabeth Vera — were selected on the TV show Popstars and were a carefully marketed product that became a phenomenon in the country, particularly among young girls. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2001 on Sony BMG Records, led by the hit single "Guapas", and was certified four-times platinum by the CAPIF. Despite being initially snubbed by many critics and artists, Bandana emerged as Argentina's best-selling act since 2001.

At the time of their disbandment in 2004, the combined sales of Bandana's three studio albums were estimated to be 450 thousand. Their career was marked by several landmarks for Argentine musicians — specially bearing in mind the 1998–2002 Argentine great depression: 280 thousand tickets were sold to see them perform in the Teatro Gran Rex (with a total of 86 concerts in the venue); they performed twice for a total of 90 thousand people in the Vélez Sársfield Stadium; and released Vivir intentando, a film starring themselves that was seen by over 1 million people. In 2016, Bandana announced a reunion concert (without Ivonne Guzmán) at the Lola Membrives Theatre in Buenos Aires; due to the high demand for tickets, the group has added five more dates. The concerts sold out within an hour and a half.

Bandana (country band)

Bandana was an American country music band composed of Lonnie Wilson ( lead vocals), Jerry Fox ( bass guitar), Tim Menzies ( guitar), Joe Van Dyke ( keyboards), and Jerry Ray Johnston ( drums). After Menzies, Johnston and Van Dyke left, they were replaced with Michael Black and Billy Kemp on guitars, and Bob Mummert on drums. Between 1982 and 1986, they were signed to Warner Bros. Records, on which they charted ten singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles (now Hot Country Songs) charts, including the top 20 hits "The Killin' Kind" and "Outside Lookin' In". The latter also appeared on a self-titled album.

After disbanding, Menzies assumed the name Tim Mensy. He began a solo career, and later wrote hit singles for other artists. Wilson found work as a session drummer. Johnston's son, Jaren Johnston, founded the Southern rock group American Bang, which disbanded and re-established as The Cadillac Three.

Usage examples of "bandana".

She had pulled the bandana off her head and was twisting it between her hands.

She had undone two buttons and the bandana belt around her waist when Ryder interrupted.

Ryder tucked one end of the bandana into his waistband, then moved to stand behind Mary.

She gave a soft gasp of surprise when Ryder held up a bandana intended to cover her eyes.

Ryder touched the bandana at his forehead then let his hand fall away.

He looked like an escaped mental patient, a paisley bandana over one eye, face covered in fresh scratches.

So I barreled into him as hard as I could and stole the bandana he was wearing to hide his stubby hair.

Hooper stopped at one point to tie a bandana around his head to catch the sweat that now rolled copiously into his eyes.

No server was in sight, just a pasty-faced, heavyset, white-aproned woman wearing a blue bandana over her hair cutting vegetables in the kitchen.

The hairs that had peeked out from under the bandana were light brown and silver.

She pulled a blue bandana from her jeans pocket, wiped both hands, offered the right one for a firm, hard shake.

The older man with the bandana, who looked as if he was in charge, seemed to pick up on it too and eyed Sam with less certainty than the situation would appear to have warranted.

Others had the Kid spread against the Jeep, and the Bandana against the camper, while three more tried to restrain the girl, who was spitting and clawing.

With great dignity he unwound his bandana handkerchief from his old fiddle and proceeded to tune for the fray.

Although he announced that there were no more cartridges for it the girl later came upon five wrapped in a bandana handkerchief.