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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bald patch
▪ He stroked the bald patch on the back of his head .
a bald tyre (=one which has worn smooth)
▪ When police officers examined the car, they discovered that it had two bald tyres.
bald eagle
▪ His bald head shone with sweat.
go mad/deaf/bald etc
▪ He went crazy and tried to kill her.
▪ Young kids are sometimes seized by bald eagles.
▪ The San Francisco Zoo has the largest and most successful captive breeding program for bald eagles in the nation, Aikin said.
▪ Its carcass is eaten by a bald eagle, whose gut becomes lined with oil.
▪ Moose and bear prints dotted the sand bars and bald eagles glared down at us from river-side perches.
▪ Here on another great pine we saw the nest of a bald eagle.
▪ A canary the bald eagle is not, but it should serve to warn us.
▪ The little man nodded his bald head, his eyes simple as a child's.
▪ Barry Kirk, 42, wears an orange jumpsuit and cape and paints his bald head orange.
▪ How his bald head doth shine!
▪ He speaks emphatically, does Robert Bruck, his bald head bobbing atop a thickset frame.
▪ He hated showing his bald head.
▪ I sat in the cool, shuttered room and watched the slightly bowed bald head behind the shining black harpsichord.
▪ A bald man wanted his portrait enhanced with glistening black hair.
▪ The bald man translated his words to me.
▪ The bald man beside her raised his forefinger.
▪ He began to prod the bald man with the barrel of it.
▪ The bald man repeated his threat.
▪ The bald man extended a toe and slid it experiment ally across the glassy surface of ice.
▪ The bald man screamed loudly at Ivan.
▪ My hair falls out at the slightest touch, sometimes leaving little bald patches.
▪ But this can just mean patchy regrowth, with bald patches, not the whole leg of hair disappearing.
▪ Same-shaped bald patch, same fringe of white hair.
▪ If you crick your neck you might spot the odd bald patch, too!
▪ I noticed a small bald patch on the crown of his head.
▪ It was thin and ragged, and folded forward to hide a growing bald patch.
▪ More so than the bald patch at the back of his head.
▪ Not the bottle that guarantees to turn your grey hair black or make your bald pate sprout again, but something else.
▪ The sun was behind him and she could see the glare that shone on his bald pate.
▪ Waves comb in over the beach's bald spots.
▪ He was clean-shaven, wore glasses and had dark hair with a bald spot.
▪ He had a bald spot, under a straggle of brown hair, and a ratty Fu Manchu moustache.
▪ So, too, is the considerable bald spot at the back of his head.
▪ And he had an absolutely cracking bald spot.
▪ Each soiled bald spot pinpoints a section they most often need to look up.
▪ Give her a bald spot, but one we can see.
▪ It does not work on completely bald spots and must be used indefinitely.
▪ Historians do not make bald statements and always attempt to substantiate their point.
▪ The account relied more heavily on innuendo than bald statement but the message was clear.
▪ We recognised that the bald statement in the preceding paragraph requires amplification.
▪ The tires are bald and the car is in need of repair.
▪ A bald man wanted his portrait enhanced with glistening black hair.
▪ Chester, the mild and laconic prematurely bald guy.
▪ He was clean-shaven, wore glasses and had dark hair with a bald spot.
▪ His bald head was shiny; his black shoes were shiny; and his lecture was very shiny indeed.
▪ The men thus affected have very little hair on the body, and become bald early in life.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

baldheaded \bald"head`ed\, bald-headed \bald"-head`ed\, a. Having a bald head; lacking hair on all or most of the scalp; -- alsp called bald and bald-pated; as, a bald-headed gentleman.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, ballede, probably, with Middle English -ede adjectival suffix + Celtic bal "white patch, blaze" especially on the head of a horse or other animal (from PIE root *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, gleam;" see bleach (v.)). Compare, from the same root, Sanskrit bhalam "brightness, forehead," Greek phalos "white," Latin fulcia "coot" (so called for the white patch on its head), Albanian bale "forehead." But connection with ball (n.1), on notion of "smooth, round" also has been suggested. Bald eagle first attested 1680s; so called for its white head.

  1. 1 Having no hair, fur or feathers. 2 # Having no hair on the head. 3 Of tyres: whose surface is worn away. 4 Of a statement: empirically unsupported. n. (context Appalachian English) A mountain summit or crest that lacks forest growth despite a warm climate conducive to such, as is found in many places in the Southern v

  2. (context intransitive English) To become bald.

  1. adj. with no effort to conceal; "a barefaced lie" [syn: barefaced]

  2. without the natural or usual covering; "a bald spot on the lawn"; "bare hills" [syn: bare, denuded, denudate]

  3. lacking hair on all or most of the scalp; "a bald pate"; "a bald-headed gentleman" [syn: bald-headed, bald-pated]


v. grow bald; lose hair on one's head; "He is balding already"

Bald (disambiguation)

Bald may refer to people who suffer from baldness, the partial or complete lack of hair growth. Bald may also refer to:

Bald (song)

"Bald" is a song by the English rock band The Darkness.

Bald (surname)

Bald is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Bald (1783–1859), Scottish poet
  • Kathy Bald (born 1963), Canadian former swimmer
  • Ken Bald (born 1920), American illustrator and comic book artist
  • Robert Bald (1776–1861), Scottish surveyor, civil and mining engineer, and antiquarian, brother of Alexander Bald
  • William Bald (c. 1789–1857), Scottish surveyor, cartographer, and civil engineer, cousin of Alexander and Robert Bald

Usage examples of "bald".

King of Alb and husband to the Lady Alwyth, sat at the head of the table with Cunobar to his right and a thickset bald warrior to his left.

Slote was disconcerted by the bald question, much as he had been by the unlooked-for dinner bid, and by the wealth of the Ascher home.

Monica and Howard had stationed themselves by the baggage carousels and they waved enthusiastically as she appeared, Monica a lot blonder and Howard only slightly balder.

Will use breakaway clothes, nylon and silk, bald cap, finger cups and other latex appliances.

A bland, phlegmatic smile hung on his brown face with its heavy-bearded cheeks, and he was buffing the facets of his bald head gently with the palms of both hands.

Bald and infected, quiet and cachectic, he was getting his life in order.

By Venus, while yet young, we can cover our full locks with chaplets--while yet the cithara sounds on unsated ears--while yet the smile of Lydia or of Chloe flashes over our veins in which the blood runs so swiftly, so long shall we find delight in the sunny air, and make bald time itself but the treasurer of our joys.

Whereupon, with a serene and cheerful countenance, up rose the mighty form of Amyas Leigh, a head and shoulders above his tormentor, and that slate descended on the bald coxcomb of Sir Vindex Brimblecombe, with so shrewd a blow that slate and pate cracked at the same instant, and the poor pedagogue dropped to the floor, and lay for dead.

Mr Cribbage straightened his greasy old tie, combed his Hitler moustache and arranged the few strands of his hair across his bald patch.

Tammie was standing with her hands on her hips when the front door opened and a big bald guy in digicam, clearly directly off the range from the smell, stepped into the area and paused, looking them over.

He had grown fatter and balder, and his pudgy face seemed sexually indeterminate and permanently worried.

Rouletabille as he entered the drawing-room recognized the shining, fattish bald head of the terrible man.

They lay on their sides with their thin, featherless necks and bald heads caked with dust.

Their son looked like most Vulcan babies: rather green, very bald, his head a little pushed out of shape from the stress of delivery misshaping the soft fontanelles at the top of the skull.

The hills shouldered it friendlily, hills with wide green rides among the firs and sometimes a bald nose of granite.