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init. '''Basic Aeronautical Knowledge''', an initial theory course for trainee pilots.


Bąk may refer to the following places:

  • Bąk, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship (north-central Poland)
  • Bąk, Gmina Karsin in Pomeranian Voivodeship (north Poland)
  • Bąk, Gmina Stara Kiszewa in Pomeranian Voivodeship (north Poland)
  • Bąk (glider)

Bäk is a municipality in the district of Lauenburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

BAK (magazine)

Bak is an online, bilingual ( English and Turkish), visual arts magazine, first published on January 1, 2006. Published monthly, it features interviews with well-known graphic designers, illustrators, painters, film directors, photographers, 3D artists and sculptors and selected artworks from thousands of contributors all over the world. It is accessible on mobile platforms through its mobile edition.

Bak (instrument)

Bak (hangul: 박; hanja: ) is a wooden clapper used in Korean court and ritual music. The person playing the bak is called jipbak; he serves as conductor or musical supervisor for the group. Bak is arranged from 6 pieces of wooden sticks tied together and creates the clapping sound if clapped to indicate the beginning of music plays.

BAK (Austria)

The Bundesamt zur Korruptionsprävention und Korruptionsbekämpfung (Federal Bureau to prevent and to fight corruption), abbreviated BAK, was established as of January 1, 2010 at the Ministry of the Interior. It is the succeeding institution of the hitherto existing Büro für Interne Angelegenheiten (Bureau for Internal Affairs) (BIA), that had to be reorganized.

Usage examples of "bak".

Mattie, er way bak dere in Souf Alabama, down below Montgomery, in de hills, en on de big place whut our ole marster, William Green, had, en whar de tanyard wuz.

The Kurma part to allow the green hair samurai to dive down towards Bak.

The other positive side Gem could find was that the ego of Bak was not fueled by the celebrations of the Kurma, which were lauding him as a legend.

Like a rattle snake, Bak snaps around swinging his sword with all the power he can muster.

Gem lifts his leg, and kicks Bak in the side of the head just hard enough to send the young man off balance.

Before Gem can follow up with another strike, Bak flips onto his feet.

Instinctively, Bak steps backward, twist his leather drenched body, and eyes still closed throws his sword up.

Summoning he power of the Way, he knocks him Bak backward clumsily into the pool of water.

On his back in the water, with eyes open wide in disbelief, Bak looks up at Gem.

With a twitch of his wet hand, Bak pulls the sword psychically into his hand.

While in his private quarters, Vidu with his healing touch attends to the injuries that Meena and Bak suffered in their respective battles.

With compassion, flowing from the talk he and Bak had on the way to the shuttle, Gem tells them.

CHAPTER 11 ATTRACTION On the edge on the steel bed within the sparse quarter Bak sits.

Slightly intimidated by her beauty, Bak shifts ever so nervously on the bed.

A number of lessons had quickly built up for him to impart to Bak about, time, place, and interspecies interactions for later when they were alone.