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Baad (Indian village)

Baad is a village in the North Kanara district of Karnataka, India. It is surrounded by coconuts and mangoes trees. The Arabian Sea lies at one end of the village. Most of the community are fishermen, and the rest are farmers and Brahmins.

Baad (practice)

Baad is a traditional practice of settling disputes in Pakistan and Afghanistan among Pashtun tribes in which a young virgin girl from the culprit's family is traded to settle a dispute for her older relatives. This may involve being used as payment for a financial dispute or as a means to avoid larger or longer-lasting arguments and grudges. The practice has no legal or religious basis and is an ancient tradition that is widely accepted among Pashtun tribes.

Baad (band)

Baad is a Japanese rock band that formed in 1992 and debut on February 1993 with the single "Donna Toki Demo Hold Me Tight" and quickly rose to the top. Their biggest hit came months later with the single "Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai" that was used in the anime series Slam Dunk. The main vocalist and lyricist Yamada Kyouji left the band in 1995 and replaced by Hata Hideki as a second vocalist. Following that, the band switched labels from ZAIN Records to Nippon Columbia. The band disbanded in 1999 due to unknown reasons.


Baad may refer to

  • Baad (Indian village) Village in Karnataka, India
  • Baad (practice) Afghan/Pashtun child marriage custom
  • Baad (band) Japanese rock band
  • Baad, Austria small commune in Austria
  • BAAD!, a performing arts venue in New York City

Usage examples of "baad".

Sheep baad on the distant hillside, but they probably hadnt heard her.