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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As far as I can remember it has always been a hot one, in that season beloved of medieval lyricists.
▪ He often introduces himself to boomer types as the B-string lyricist for that perennial underground cult band, the Grateful Dead.
▪ He was searching for a complete lyricist who could add flavour to songs he was intending to be covered by bigger artists.
▪ In some corners, Barlow, 49, is most famous for his career as a lyricist for the Grateful Dead.
▪ In the past nine days, two new songs have been written, according to lyricist Jim Steinman.
▪ Yet they were faced with a problem, despite some juicy tracks: no vocalist and no lyricist.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1832, "one skilled in lyric composition;" from lyric + -ist. Meaning "one who writes lyrics" is from 1908.


n. A person who writes the lyrics of a song.


n. a person who writes the words for songs


A lyricist or lyrist is a musician who specializes in writing lyrics. A singer who writes the lyrics to songs is a singer-lyricist. This differentiates from a singer- composer, who composes the song's melody.

Usage examples of "lyricist".

The intent of the lyricist, obviously, was to so coarsen the feelings of males who sang the song that the singers could never believe again what most of us believed with all our hearts back then: that women were more spiritual, more sacred than men.

Perched on a shadowy staircase, the lead vocalist and lyricist for the British band called the Cure had been captured by the camera in an implacably Gothic moment.

Today she didn't look much like one of rock's top lyricists and performers.

The lyricists filled the airwaves with metaphor-much of it ludicrous, but no less potent for that.