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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eyot \Ey"ot\ ([imac]"[o^]t or [=a]t), n. [Ey (AS. [=i]g or Icel. ey) + F. dim. termination -ot; cf. AS. [=i]geo[eth]. See Island, and cf. Ait.] A little island in a river or lake. See Ait. [Written also ait, ayt, ey, eyet, and eyght.]

Usage examples of "ayt".

If it was sorrow Ayt wanted, she need only listen to the songs sung on her own world: songs of populations dwindling, songs of hunger, songs of cold.

Perhaps a hundred thousand years before (Ayt remembered, for her father Wun was still alive then, and had had a voice in it), the males on Firstworld had refused to weave new songs for the new season.

Listening consumed little energy, therefore Ayt consumed little krill.

Denonville at last seems to have been seized with some compunction, and writes: "Tout cela me fait craindre que le pauvre pere n'ayt de la peine a se retirer d'entre les mains de ces barbares ce qui m'inquiete fort.

Khamovkhin was frightened, had been all day from the talk of the daytime security team that had accompanied him to Helsinki.