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n. (plural of ayme English)

Usage examples of "aymes".

Once I think someone is in the hall moving stealthily—but it is only that Mrs Haymes coming in through the side door (so as not to dirty the front steps, she says.

Phillipa Haymes was too wooden for Rosalind, her fairness and her impassivity were intensely English, but English of the twentieth rather than of the sixteenth century.

Give her her due, Mrs Haymes is quite keen on her work, though there have been days when I have come out here and not been able to find her anywhere.

It was no good locking the side door because Miss Blacklock and Miss Bunner went out that way to shut up the ducks and feed the chickens and Mrs Haymes usually came in that way from work.

If I say to you that when, a week before, that young man come to ask Miss Blacklock for money and she sends him away, as you say, with a flea in the ear—if I tell you that after that I hear him talking with Mrs Haymes—yes, out there in the summerhouse—all you say is that I make it up!

And Phillipa Haymes might have therefore assumed that the conversation was supposed to have taken place on that particular morning.

That left Patrick and Julia Simmons, Phillipa Haymes, and possibly Dora Bunner.

In Phillipa Haymes’ room were photographs of a small boy with serious eyes, an earlier photo of the same child, a pile of schoolboy letters, a theatre programme or two.

I suggest, Mrs Haymes, that the man you came back from work to meet that morning was your husband.

An unsatisfactory Army record, but nothing to suggest that Haymes was likely to turn criminal.

In the interview you had with Phillipa Haymes I see she states positively that she hasn’t seen her husband since his desertion from the Army?

But he’s been identified—deserter from the Army—Ronald Haymes, ex-Captain in the South Loamshires.

And there was someone else who went through to the small room: Phillipa Haymes.

In the drawing-room are Patrick Simmons, Phillipa Haymes, and either Colonel Easterbrook or Edmund Swettenham—we don’t know which.