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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ayme \Ay"me`\, n. [Cf. F. ahi interj.] The utterance of the ejaculation ``Ay me !'' [Obs.] See Ay, interj. ``Aymees and hearty heigh-hoes.''
--J. Fletcher.


n. (context obsolete English) The utterance of the ejaculation "Ay me!"

Usage examples of "ayme".

And willed him for to reclayme with speedHis scattred people, ere they all were slaine,And time and place conuenient to areed,In which they two the combat might darraine.

The wyld woodgods arriued in the place,There find the virgin dolefull desolate,With ruffled rayments, and faire blubbred face,As her outrageous foe had left her late,And trembling yet through feare of former hate.

Ne shame he thought to shunne so hideous might:The idle stroke, enforcing furious way,Missing the marke of his misaymed sightDid fall to ground, and with his heauie swaySo deepely dinted in the driuen clay,That three yardes deepe a furrow vp did throw:The sad earth wounded with so sore assay,Did grone full grieuous vnderneath the blow,And trembling with strange feare, did like an earthquake show.

Vprose with hastie ioy, and feeble speedThat aged Sire, the Lord of all that land,And looked forth, to weet, if true indeedeThose tydings were, as he did vnderstand,Which whenas true by tryall he out fond,He bad to open wyde his brazen gate,Which long time had bene shut, and out of hondProclaymed ioy and peace through all his state.

Him therefore now the obiect of his spightAnd deadly food he makes: him to offendBy forged treason, or by open fightHe seekes, of all his drift the aymed end:Thereto his subtile engins he does bendHis practick wit, and his faire filed tong,With thousand other sleights: for well he kend,His credit now in doubtfull ballaunce hong.

And by the way he chaunced to espyOne sitting idle on a sunny bancke,To whom auaunting in great brauery,As Peacocke, that his painted plumes doth prancke,He smote his courser in the trembling flancke,And to him threatned his hart-thrilling speare:The seely man seeing him ryde so rancke,And ayme at him, fell flat to ground for feare,And crying Mercy lowd, his pitious hands gan reare.

And sure he was a man of mickle might,Had he had gouernance, it well to guide:But when the franticke fit inflamd his spright,His force was vaine, and strooke more often wide,Then at the aymed marke, which he had eide:And oft himselfe he chaunst to hurt vnwares,Whilst reason blent through passion, nought descride,But as a blindfold Bull at randon fares,And where he hits, nought knowes, & whom he hurts, nought cares.

In this wide Inland sea, that hight by nameThe Idle lake, my wandring ship I row,That knowes her port, and thither sailes by ayme,Ne care, ne feare I, how the wind do blow,Or whether swift I wend, or whether slow:Both slow and swift a like do serue my tourne,Ne swelling Neptune, ne loud thundring IoueCan chaunge my cheare, or make me euer mourne.

She caught in hand an huge great yron mace,Wherewith she many had of life depriued,But ere the stroke could seize his aymed place,His speare amids her sun-broad shield arriued.

So trauelling, he chaunst far off to heedA Damzell, flying on a palfrey fastBefore two Knights, that after her did speedWith all their powre, and her full fiercely chastIn hope to haue her ouerhent at last:Yet fled she fast, and both them farre outwent,Carried with wings of feare, like fowle aghast,With locks all loose, and rayment all to rent.

So hauing all his bands againe vptyde,He with him thought backe to returne againe:But when he lookt about on euery syde,To weet which way were best to entertaine,To bring him to the place, where he would faine,He could no path nor tract of foot descry,Ne by inquirie learne, nor ghesse by ayme.

Usually Starsa got all her inside information from Jayme, who would surely know the identity of the crewmember who had died on board the Enterprise.

As it began to pick up speed, Jayme lunged desperately at the rear of the last car.

As the monorail pulled out of the Academy station, heading into San Francisco and parts unknown, along with Elma and the tricorder, Jayme’s foot slid off the brake box.

Anyone else would have, but Jayme’s trained engineering reflexes made her jerk away from the highly charged conduit.