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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ All those in favor say aye.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aye \Aye\, Ay \Ay\, adv. [Perh. a modification of yea, or from the interjection of admiration or astonishment, OE. ei, ey, why, hey, ay, well, ah, ha. Cf. MHG. & G. ei, Dan. ej. Or perh. akin to aye ever.] Yes; yea; -- a word expressing assent, or an affirmative answer to a question. It is much used in viva voce voting in legislative bodies, etc.

Note: This word is written I in the early editions of Shakespeare and other old writers.


Aye \Aye\, n. An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative; as, ``To call for the ayes and noes;'' ``The ayes have it.''


Aye \Aye\, Ay \Ay\, adv. [Icel. ei, ey; akin to AS. [=a], [=a]wa, always, Goth. aiws an age, Icel. [ae]fi, OHG, ?wa, L. aevum, Gr. ? an age, ?, ?, ever, always, G. je, Skr. ?va course. ?, ?. Cf. Age, v., Either, a., Or, conj.] Always; ever; continually; for an indefinite time.

For his mercies aye endure.

For aye, always; forever; eternally.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"assent," 1570s, of unknown origin, perhaps a variant of I, meaning "I assent;" or an alteration of Middle English yai "yes" (see yea), or from aye (adv.) "always, ever."


"always, ever," c.1200, from Old Norse ei "ever" (cognate with Old English a "always, ever"), from PIE *aiw- "vital force, life, long life, eternity" (cognates: Greek aion "age, eternity," Latin aevum "space of time;" see eon).


Etymology 1 adv. (context archaic English) ever, always Etymology 2

alt. yes; yea; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative answer to a question. interj. yes; yea; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative answer to a question. n. An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative.

Aye (village)

Aye is a tiny village located near Marche-en-Famenne in Belgium, and it is a section of Marche-en-Famenne. The inhabitants of Aye are called the "Godis" in the Walloon dialect. The postal code is 6900. The nearest airport is at Liege, about 46 km away.

It gives its name to a geologic formation.

Aye (song)

"Aye" (pronounced ah yay) is a song by Nigerian recording artist Davido, released as the fourth single from his upcoming studio album. The song was produced by TSpize, a record producer affiliated with Runtown. It peaked at number 5 on MTV Base's Official Naija Top 10 chart from March 28 through April 3, 2014. The song was primarily released to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Aye may refer to:

  • Aye (village), a village in Belgium
  • Aye (yes), a word for expressing the affirmative
  • Ayer Rajah Expressway (abbreviated AYE), a major road in Singapore

Usage examples of "aye".

Aye as I went, that maiden who had reared The torch of Truth afar, of whose high deeds The Hermit in his pilgrimage had heard, Haunted my thoughts.

Aye, Alienor was certain that Duncan knew much of steal-ing and spoiling women.

Aye, and Alienor could certainly benefit from a match with a man nigh as stubborn as herself.

Thomas Crann and Jeames Dow and my mother--whiles ane and whiles anither--but ye was aye there.

Its territory was vast, aye, but it was poor in arable land, as Una had admitted from the outset, the most of that and all of the best being centered in the valley guarded by her round tower.

Aye, we can march, but it will take months to reach the Aren Plain, and by then Korbolo will have given Tavore all the justification she needs to deliver a ruthless punishment.

Aye, give him bafflement, over matters of magic and silver fire and Mystra herself.

Aye, ships, for now they possessed two, though their number totaled but fourteen: Cormac, and Bas the Druid, and Samaire and Wulfhere Skullsplitter of the Danes, and their Briton captive Osbrit, and nine men of Eirrin.

I do love a song, I--being a companionable soul and jovial withal, aye, a very bawcock of a boy, I.

Aye, ah kin dae that awright, just thinkin aboot you fine ladies, ah laugh.

Kill the thing, aye, fair enough, but tae dae what Doyle did shows thit ye urnae right in the heid.

Aye, that is Blood gauming up the Scuppers, but is the Captain chicken-hearted?

Aye, I was in the rrricht of it, the divine rrricht I may say, to hae thrrrown oot of the rrrealm a bulk nae matterrr hoo holy that hath been defiled by the pens of Godless rrrepublicans, Aye.

Aye, and even if His Majesty judges you guiltless, will I see you again?

Aye, that wis your fault but, takin her tae that Manumission oan the last night, gittin her aw juiced up.