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The Collaborative International Dictionary

adv. (context archaic dialect New England English) yes; yea; aye. n. (alternative form of ayah English)


Aya or AYA can refer to:

Aya (Japanese singer)

is a female Japanese rock artist from Beach Nine Records. AYA's song Over Night (2006) is used as the ending theme to the Anime Le Chevalier D'Eon. Currently, she is associated with the project band, CruelShe.

Aya (goddess)

Aya (or Aja) in Akkadian mythology was a mother goddess, consort of the sun god Shamash. She developed from the Sumerian goddess Šherida, consort of Utu.

Aya (given name)

Aya is a feminine given name with multiple meanings in different languages. Aya is a common female Japanese given name meaning "design", "colorful" or "beautiful". Aya is also a Arabic feminine name written as آية meaning "wonderful", "amazing", "miracle" or "verse" (of the Holy Quran)

Aya is also in use in the Hebrew language and means "to fly swiftly" or "bird".

In Old German, Aya means "sword".

In Baoule (Ivory Coast),Aya is given to the female born on Friday.

In Turkish-Altaic mythology, Aya symbolizes the good soul. All the 17 types of benevolent angels who live in the sky are also called Ayas. They are seen as the source of abundance, creativity and in the earth. The origin of the word comes from Ay ("moon" in Turkish). Ayaçı means "creative soul".

In the mythology of Yakut Turks, Siberia Aya transforms in to Abası, symbolizing the same angels. Yürüng Aya Toron ( the white creative soul, sun) was believed to be the creator of the Aya's and the universe. The best foods are given to Aya during Isıah (birthday of the nature) Festivals.

In Mongolian, similar to Turkish, it means goodness, music and "melody".

In Urdu language the word Aya refers to women care taker or nurse for young children. Typically in Pakistan ayas work in early childhood centres or primary schools.

In Chemehuevi, Aya means "tortoise".

There are several alternative spellings including Ayah and Aiya.

There is also an African Adinkra symbol called an Aya, which is a fern. It is a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.

In the Raute language of Nepal, Aya refers to one's sister-in-law, meaning the wife of one's elder or younger brother. The word's origin comes from Proto-Tibeto-Burman ’ay (alternate form yay) meaning "mother".

Aya (comics)

Aya, in comics, may refer to:

  • Aya of Yopougon, a graphic novel series by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie
  • Aya, a character in the AK Comics series
  • Aya (DC Comics), a fictional character featured in comic books published by DC Comics.
Aya (queen)

Aya was an Ancient Egyptian king's wife of the Thirteenth Dynasty (between 1803 and 1649 BCE).

She is known from two sources. Aya appears on a stela now in Würzburg. From this source it is clear that she was part of an influential family of high court officials and was related to the Vizier Ankhu.

She also appears in the Papyrus Boulaq 18. This is an administrative account belonging to the Theban palace of a Thirteenth Dynasty king. It was found in the tomb of the scribe of the great enclosure Neferhotep. The name of the king in this papyrus is only partly preserved. Many scholars read the remains as Sobekhotep II, although other dispute that reading. Other suggestions include King Sehetepkare Intef and King Imyremeshaw. Therefore, there is some doubt over the identification of Aya's husband.

AYA (band)

AYA is a Slovak rock band formed in the fall of 1992 in Žilina, Slovakia best known for the hits Malý princ, Baby kakavové, So mnou, Teším sa na teba, Lietaj, dýchaj, buď.... The classic lineup consisted of Boris Lettrich, Mário Tománek, Vlado Kubala, Rado Pažej. Singer of band is the author of majority songs for Tomáš Bezdeda, a finalist in Slovensko hľadá SuperStar, the Slovak version of TV show American Idol.

Aya (1990 film)

Aya is a 1990 Australian film about a marriage between an Australian man and Japanese war bride.

Aya (DC Comics)

Aya is a fictional character featured in comic books published by DC Comics. Aya is a female artificial intelligence and navigator aboard the Interceptor. Housed within the fastest ship in the galaxy, she is the most advanced A.I. ever devised. Aya was specifically created for the Green Lantern: The Animated Series, but during the production of the show she was added into the Green Lantern comics. She first appeared in Green Lantern (vol. 4) #65 (June 2011).

Aya (2012 film)

Aya is a 2012 French-Israeli short drama film directed by Oded Binnun and Mihal Brezis. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

Usage examples of "aya".

That meant a kind of double betrayal, for somewhere, someone was going shorthanded, lacking the troops he needed to keep the peace because the Emperor had decided to abandon them here.

It represented a betrayal so profound and yet so unique to the Empire that he doubted anyone born outside the Empire would ever understand it, or why it made his skin flush with rage.

False sparks sparkled along the snow-white firebird's feathers whenever Aya roused all his feathers and shook them, and in repose in this uncertain half-light, the quills of each feather glowed softly.

Well, that was as much a reflection of his own unsettled emotional state as Aya's peevishness.

Bad enough to be troubled by his own conscience, must he put up with Aya's as well?

Still shouting with anger that had built beyond his ability to control it, he cornered the firebird and prepared to strike Aya where he cowered, every feather shivering.

Strike Aya down, and you'll follow him," Darkwind warned, tapping a rhythm pattern with one foot that Elspeth quickly picked up—a pattern Firesong recognized vaguely from the containment spell they had all worked to confine the power of the rogue Heartstone of k'Sheyna.

The Heartstone isn't mine, An'desha has every right to follow his own path, and—Karal is as innocent as Aya.

Karal was somewhere in the midst of all that—more power than any Heartstone, more power than Firesong had ever seen in his life, power that made Aya shriek and flee into the next room, that was so bright the shaman and Silverfox shouted and hid their eyes.

He wiped at them frantically with his sleeve, as Aya scuttled back into the room and settled against his side, crooning.

Vree doesn't much care for Firesong's bird Aya, and he likes me and Gwena both.

To have that loyalty betrayed so callously was a betrayal of everything the Empire held sacred.

Gossip, flirtations, negotiations, assignations, betrayals, confidences—the highborn, ranked and wealthy, all danced their dances just as they had for years, as their fathers' had, and as their grandfathers had.

Such a betrayal harms you as well as Us, by threatening the security of the Empire.

We would not see Our children distressed by the taint of betrayal mingled with uncertainty.