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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Penetrate inside - stay awhile with guidebook raised - and you will find something calmly neoclassical, something wisely proportioned and cool.
▪ Jinju stayed awhile longer before climbing to her feet.
▪ So sit down and stay awhile.
▪ It may be difficult to discern at first glance, but stay awhile and look and it will become apparent.
▪ It took awhile to figure out what my uncle and my father were doing.
▪ That is unknown, but it would take awhile.
▪ Depending on the size of the boar, it will take awhile to cook, so begin early in the day.
▪ It took awhile, but eventually all three, the Administration, Transportation and Insurance departments, complied.
▪ He suffered a little stroke after his surgery and took awhile to recover.
▪ I wait awhile, until they have all been seen to.
▪ There were five miles of return tramping to face, but they, too, could wait awhile.
▪ I waited awhile, then rang again.
▪ He waited awhile at the window observing traffic, women with dogs, leashed and unleashed.
▪ Gil stood at the window awhile, watching boats.
▪ But if you rented a place to stay for awhile you would know.
▪ I waited awhile, then I rang again.
▪ I wanted to live awhile among those who had been part of his childhood and his last few years.
▪ Once you power them up and get a topic, what you see is people can glide for awhile on that topic.
▪ So sit down and stay awhile.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Awhile \A*while"\, adv. [Adj. a + while time, interval.] For a while; for some time; for a short time.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English ane hwile "(for) a while" (see while (n.)); usually written as one word since 13c.


adv. For some time; for a short time.


adv. for a short time; "sit down and stay awhile"; "they settled awhile in Virginia before moving West"; "the baby was quiet for a while" [syn: for a while]

Usage examples of "awhile".

I take my seat on a step of the stairs above the araucaria and, resting awhile with folded hands, I contemplate this little garden of order and let the touching air it has and its somewhat ridiculous loneliness move me to the depths of my soul.

After panting awhile, he arose again and finished by rolling the stone end-over-end toward its destination.

So sat she awhile looking on golden Krothering, while her horse grazed quietly, and Heming at her elbow held his peace, only beholding her.

These being all rejected, I reflected awhile, and sarcastically suggested brickbats at three-quarters of a mile.

Sage had told them thereof, that their travel and toil should be stayed there awhile, and that there they should winter, because of the bread which they could make them of the chestnuts, and the plenty of walnuts, and that withal there was foison of venison.

Reaching in due course this divergence of the Furca road, I tarried awhile beneath the mountain sky, debating whether or not delay would add to pleasure.

Roncesvalles and La Gloire awhile, and, instead of riding a war horse, canter along upon the hobby, or a good serviceable Canadian pony, the best of all hobbies for seeing the Canadian world, and on which mettlesome charger we can much better instruct the emigrant than by long prosings about political economy and systematic colonisation.

Sarah Glubbes had been stashed away in a psychopathic ward, according to Chief Miler, and would probably stay awhile.

In those days she told him of her farings since that night of April when she escaped out of Krothering: how first she found harbourage at By in Westmark, but hearing in a day or two of a hue and cry fled east again, and sojourning awhile beside Throwater came at length about a month ago upon this cave beside the little fountain, and here abode.

Whenever any human, male or female, has been in Joy Hall for awhile, a new organ is grown in his head called a communicator.

I did not know her, so I asked him to wait awhile, and I would bring him the information he required.

Alex and Luken sat in silence for awhile, each lost in his own thoughts, until a disturbance in the crowd caught their attention.

When no blissful hope on his bosom is beaming, Or, if lulled for awhile, soon he starts from his dreaming, And finds torn the soft ties to affection so dear.

If things be as we both think, Nils Lykke must in nowise depart from Ostrat yet awhile.

In the mealie gardens I stopped awhile, for I was very hungry, and filled myself with the half-ripe mealies.