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The Collaborative International Dictionary

a. (abbreviation of auxiliary English) alt. (abbreviation of auxiliary English)


AUX or aux may refer to:

  • An abbreviation of the word " auxiliary"
  • AUX: (for AUXiliary), a DOS text device
  • AUX (CONFIG.SYS directive) in DR-DOS, changes assignment for AUX: device
  • A/UX, a Unix-like operating system produced by Apple
  • Aux (TV channel), a Canadian music TV channel
  • Aux/IAA repressors related to auxin plant hormones
Aux (TV channel)

Aux (stylized as AUX) is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel and corresponding website owned and operated by Blue Ant Media. Aux is programmed to offer music video and music-related programs profiling new and emerging artists in alternative, hip hop, indie rock, indie pop and other genres.

Usage examples of "aux".

The noblest estate, and the finest chateaux soon pall on those who possess nothing but the sight of them.

If, when seen from the mail road or from the uplands beyond Ville-aux-Fayes, the paradise of Les Aigues induces mere passing travellers to commit the mortal sin of envy, why should the rich burghers of Soulanges and Ville-aux-Fayes who had it before their eyes and admired it every day of their lives, have been more virtuous?

Between the two pilasters, a sumptuous iron gate, like those made in Buffon's time for the Jardin des Plantes, opened on a short paved way which led to the country road (formerly kept in order by Les Aigues and the Soulanges family) which unites Conches, Cerneux, Blangy, and Soulanges to Ville-aux-Fayes, like a wreath, for the whole road is lined with flowering hedges and little houses covered with roses and honey-suckle and other climbing plants.

They went about scraping up the pickings of the Grand-I- Vert, and those of the adjacent chateaux.

If the traps caught more game than they could eat, La Tonsard made pies of it and sent them to Ville-aux-Fayes.

From Conches to Ville-aux-Fayes, workmen came there to meet and make their bargains and hear the news collected by the Tonsard women and by Mouche and old Fourchon, or supplied by Vermichel and Brunet, that renowned official, when he came to the tavern in search of his practitioner.

Ville-auxFayes, now the seat of the sub-prefecture, then a mere fief, was a dependency of Soulanges, like Les Aigues, Ronquerolles, Cerneux, Conches, and a score of other parishes.

But a statement on the part of the purchasing agent, the notary of Ville-aux-Fayes, disabused them of these suspicions.

A burning desire for vengeance led him to settle at Ville-aux-Fayes, and to take a position where he could injure Montcornet and stir up sufficient enmity against to force him to sell Les Aigues.

Soudry's speech gives a fair idea of the opinion which now grew up against the master of Les Aigues from Conches to Ville-aux-Fayes, and wherever else the public mind could be reached and poisoned by Gaubertin.

Last year Monsieur Mariotte, of Auxerre, urged by the commissioner of domains, did attempt to compete with Gaubertin.

Gaubertin is now pressing and harassing the poor man so that he is driven, they tell me, to leave not only Auxerre, but even Burgundy itself.

Besides, you could not openly insult the mayor of so important a place as Ville-aux-Fayes.

You will lose the suit at Ville-aux-Fayes, possibly in the upper court as well, but we will carry it to Paris and you will win at the Court of Appeals.

Courtecuisse took his cap, his game-bag, and his gun, put on his gaiters and his belt (which bore the very recent arms of Montcornet), and started for Ville-auxFayes, with the careless, indifferent air and manner under which country-people often conceal very deep reflections, while he gazed at the woods and whistled to the dogs to follow him.