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n. (plural of aura English)


Auras is a town and a nagar panchayat in Unnao district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Usage examples of "auras".

But since the aura fades slowly in an alien host, only those personalities with auras more intense than the norm can travel this way.

The stronger auras fill out, until at my level they become perfect spheres, except when specially focused.

There are many families of auras, distinct from species associations, and close aural affinity is regarded as more significant than genetic relationship.

The very strong auras also can help strengthen weaker auras, and a strengthened aura improves health and outlook.

If the sentence is death, the prisoners are allowed to remain in their animal hosts until their auras fade entirely.

If it is merely exile, they are recovered shortly before their auras expire, assuming their hosts have not been killed by other animals.

This occurs regardless of the comparative strength of the two auras, or who controls the body.

So few available females had auras above 150, and most of those had other qualities to qualify their eligibility.

Herald took his eyes off the approaching banners and moved rapidly along the battlement of the dam, passing close enough to the standing crossbowmen to feel their auras without actual physical contact.

Their two auras worked in tandem, meshing through the body of the patient.

Its strategy was most specific: Eliminate the auras capable of evoking Ancient equipment, thereby eliminating any possible use of that equipment by Cluster entities.

Today we shift from body to body, since our identities are incarnate in our auras.

Were I searching for historical figures to whom to assign leading auras, I would certainly consider THE figure, the ultimate Healer of them all.

You, as the founder of the Cluster Tarot the discoverer of the phenomenon of animation, as the first of the great Cluster-historical auras, are very much a part of my situation, as your presence here demonstrates.

But we don't know the strength of the personal auras of the Ancients, or their family groups.