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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Auberge \Au`berge"\, n. [F.] An inn.
--Beau. & Fl. [1913 Webster] ||


n. An inn or hostel.

Auberge (album)

Auberge (a French word meaning " inn") is the eleventh studio album by Chris Rea, released in 1991. The album, as well as the title song, was mostly notable for the association of the Caterham Super Seven that he owned, in which he called it the "Blue Seven". That car appeared on the album cover, illustrated in oil by renowned motoring artist Alan Fearnley. The album makes several references to the car over several tracks, as well on the video of the title song, and its cover illustration was used for its adverts. In 2005, Rea sold the car in an auction. Auberge was a #1 album in the UK in 1991. The title track also gave Rea one of his biggest chart hits, reaching #16 in the UK charts. Other songs released as singles were "Heaven", "Looking For The Summer" and "Winter Song". Another song, "And You My Love", although not released as a single, has become a firm favourite among his fans and is regularly performed at live concerts.

Auberge (restaurant)


Auberge was a restaurant located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in 1980 and 1981.

Head chef of Auberge was John Halvemaan.

John Halvemaan and his wife Esther (as restaurant-manager) opened the restaurant in 1976. It was closed down in 1981, due to problems with the rent.


Auberge is a French word for an inn, and is also sometimes used to refer to a restaurant (as a result of the historical association between inns and restaurants). On Wikipedia, it may refer to:

Usage examples of "auberge".

Would-be timefarers had to spend at least two days with her at the auberge while she and her computer checked civil status and psychosocial profile.

These people were apt to appear at the auberge in the guise of Tarzan or Crusoe or Pocahontas or Rima, or else costumed as throwbacks to every conceivable Old World era and culture.

XT-Operations agreed to use his good offices to convince the people at the auberge to let Richard take abbreviated tests right there at the starport, then proceed directly to Go.

Landry and the psychosocial counselor strolled into the flagged courtyard of the auberge, down an open passage, and into an office that looked out at the fountain and flowers.

Pliocene world would remember the last days at the auberge for French cooking, soft beds, and precious works of art.

He had brought along his old backpack even though the auberge stood ready to furnish all equipment.

Personnel at the auberge are careful to present a neutral face while at the same time reinforcing our childhood self-defensive training.

He and the Viking are now the straightest of friends, spending their off-hours tossing down the most expensive spirits that the auberge can supply and speculating on the quality of female consolation that might be available in the By-and-By.

Besides the Nun, our female members include a sinister Virgin Huntress who seems to have wreaked mayhem or worse on one of the auberge counselors in order to qualify as a recidivist, and an extremely cautious ex-Meta Lady who is, at the moment at least, content to remain just one of the boys.

Evangeline-fixe, since she keeps trying to distract me with speculations on idle playing among the auberge clientele, the political implications of Exile, and other anthropological amusements.

Valley was much more narrow, and the country on this western flank, where the auberge would one day stand on a wooded hillside, was now flatter and less dissected by streams.

Claude recognized most of them from having watched their early morning march through the auberge gardens to the Guderian cottage.

But many years at the auberge gave me an insight into the personalities of others such as yourself.

But I remember the pinched little self-hating man who came to my auberge forty years ago.

Back in the auberge, I had imagined many possible derangements of the Pliocene world, fierce beasts, inhospitable terrain, exploitation of newcomers by the earlier arrivals among the time-farers, even a malfunction of the translational field that would cast the poor travelers into oblivion.