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n. A subdivision of currency, equal to a 1/100th of a Lao kip.


ATT may refer to:

  • AT&T (disambiguation)
    • AT&T Inc., an American telecommunications company founded 1983 (formerly Southwestern Bell or SBC Communications)
    • AT&T Corporation, the original AT&T founded 1885 (formerly American Telephone & Telegraph), purchased by SBC in 2005
    • AT&T Mobility, a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. for wireless services.
    • AT&T Mexico, an international wireless subsidiary of AT&T Inc
  • Aircraft Transport and Travel, a 1910s British airline
  • Amadou Toumani TourĂ©, president of Mali
  • American Tobacco Trail
  • American Top Team, a mixed martial arts team based in Coconut Creek, Florida.
  • Arms Trade Treaty, a UN treaty to control the illicit trade of weapons
  • Association of Taxation Technicians, a United Kingdom professional association
  • ATI Tray Tools - freeware program developed by Ray Adams for ATI Radeon video cards
  • Atmautluak Airport, an airport in Alaska (IATA: ATT)
  • A.T.T., a British dance music act.
  • Attachment, in biology (the binding of a virus to its target cell)
  • Attadale railway station, United Kingdom (National Rail code)
  • Attitude, in dynamics ( aircraft attitude)
  • Attorney at law
  • Authorization to Transport, a permit issued in Canada to transport Restricted and Prohibited firearms

Usage examples of "att".

When everything was cleaned up, we left Att and Helen to close the lock room and go home.

Jimmy and I just tossed the suits over our arms and said goodbye to Helen and Att and went off toward Salvage.

After a few more minutes, Jimmy and Att broke out a pocket chess set and began to play and I turned back to my notes.

The tiger hunched its shoulders and threw Att off, making a wounded cry.

Jimmy and I and Venie were safe, but Att and Helen and Riggy were not yet aboard.

Jimmy and Att broke out a pocket chess set and began to play and I turned back to my notes.

HADLY May 30: 76 Mr RAWSON Sr What we have recd by Tho: Houey the past month is not the cheifest of our wants as you have love for poor wounded I pray let us not want for these following medicines if you have not a speedy conveyance of them I pray send on purpose they are those things mentioned in my former letter but to prevent future mistakes I have wrote them att large wee have great want with the greatest halt and speed let us be supplyed.

He kept it up for a few minutes, the enemy trying to disable the atts and the Damager fighting back with everything it had.

Wee mett att y House off Mordicai Campanell and after synagog gave Abram Moses the degrees of Maconrie.

Towse, his wife, since his death tolde me that her husband and she living at Windsor Castle, where he had an office that Sumer that ye Duke of Buckingham was killed, tolde her that very day that the Duke was sett upon by ye mutinous Mariners att Portesmouth, saying then that ye next attempt agaynst him would be his Death, which accordingly happened.

These men after foure months search found him att last in Switzerland, and having laid waite for him as he came out from Monsr Baithazar's house (a commander well knowne) they took him and carryed him to Gex before they could be intercepted and he rescued.

In hevye sorrowe doo send you these advisoes which I requyre your Mageste in umblest manner to pondur wel, seeinge ells your manyfest Overthrowe and Rwyn att hand.

One of the crew--probably Woff, but Sisko did not see who--operated the appropriate controls and the image on the viewer changed, revealing an incredible tableau the overmatched transports were att acking the Marauder again.