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acr. (context aviation English) assisted takeoff init. 1 (context Australia English) 2 (context rail transport English)


ATO may refer to:

  • Abort to Orbit, an intact abort procedure for Space Shuttle launches
  • Accumulated Time Off, a method of accumulating paid or unpaid absence hours based on hours worked
  • Account takeover, a form of payments and online fraud
  • Ad Text Optimization, the process of copywriting Google AdWords ad text for the purpose of improving click through rates
  • After timeout, a play in basketball run after an offensive timeout, often with the ball put in play from a sideline
  • Air Tasking Order, (United States Air Force)
  • Air Traffic Organization, an FAA terminology
  • Air Training Officer, a former position at the United States Air Force Academy
  • Air Transportation Office (Philippines), agency of the Philippine government
  • Alpha Tau Omega, an American student fraternity
  • Alpha Tau Omega (Philippines), a Filipino student fraternity
  • Alternative Trading Organization, an NGO focusing on Fair Trade exports
  • Amiga Translators' Organization, an organization for translating Commodore Amiga applications
  • Ammunition Technical Officer, a designation in the British Armed Forces
  • Anti-Terrorism Officer, a position in the Homeland Security Community
  • ATO (Ukraine), Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine
    • ATO zone, the official name for territory where the War in Donbass takes place
  • Ato Alexander (Stylized as ATO) a British rapper known for his work with EDEN
  • Arab Towns Organization, a network to promote cooperation between and development of Arab cities
  • Assemble To Order, see build to order
  • Assisted take off
  • ATO, the Amtrak station code for Atco (NJT station), New Jersey, U.S.A.
  • ATO Records, a record label
  • Atmos Energy Corporation's ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Australian Taxation Office, the Australian government tax agency
  • Authorities to Operate
  • Automatic train operation
  • Amateur Try-Out, a type of ice hockey contract
  • Chemotherapy, Arsenic trioxide a potent chemotherapeutic agent for acute promyelocytyc leukemia
  • ATO fuse

Ato may refer to:

  • A cacodemon of the Enochian angels
  • Ato, Yamaguchi – a Japanese town
  • Ato Station
  • Osman Ali Atto also written Osman Ali Ato, a Somali warlord
  • One of three 2002 Football World Cup mascots

Usage examples of "ato".

It was an abstract of blues and golds about a meter square, a present from her deputy, Ato Teng, about a year ago.

ClimAtologists and ecologists were off with Ato Teng, surveying for possible resettlement sites.

E outra coisa: publique provas, caso conclua terem sido atos criminosos.

I decided to tell 4 I N stoit ato shakeouth, acnazyshakeoutrassitreas chis.

At the sound of the knock, she got to her feet and hurried out ato the hall.

On the table, Zack placed two p l atos, one of which contained a substantial steak with one roasted Pope.

Than -- atos dies when he becomes careless and is slain by his successor.

After all, if none of Lebwohl's and Dios' plans went awry there weren't likely to be many survivors on Than atos Minor when their pet cyborg carried out his pro gramming.

The Amnion warships - Tranquil Hegemony and now Calm Horizons, looming out of deep space - had certainly been in communication with Than atos Minor, transmitting their requirements.

I made reference earlier to Than atos Minor and a bootleg shipyard in forbidden space.

This made it seem like a double date, for Than -- atos and Luna were companions, while he and Clotho -- well, what did it matter?

Than -- atos could have stunned or killed the big bird -- but that would have led to a crash landing.

Evidently Than -- atos represented the Ground, but that did not give him leave to interfere with Fire.

This made it seem like a double date, for Than atos and Luna were companions, while he and Clotho well, what did it matter?

Than atos could have stunned or killed the big bird-but that would have led to a crash landing.