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init. 1 (initialism of Alaskan standard time Standard Time English) 2 (initialism of Atlantic standard time Standard Time English) 3 (context aviation English)(initialism of Advanced supersonic Supersonic Transport lang= en) 4 (context computing English) (initialism of w:abstract syntax tree abstract syntax tree English) 5 (context medicine English) (initialism of aspartate transaminase English)


AST may refer to:

AST (publisher)

AST is one of the largest book publishing companies in Russia, headed by Oleg Bartenev . It owns a bookstores chain "Bukva" (, lit. A Letter).

Among AST partners are publishing companies Astrel, Zebra E, Molodaya Gvardiya, CenterCom, bookstores Moscow and Biblio Globus and online shops, such as It also owns comic book and manga publisher Comics Factory.

Usage examples of "ast".

Mama she sont me over here and told me tuh ast you tuh gimme uh job uh work.

Sister White, since yuh ast me, Ah do any kind of uh job Ah kin git tuh make uh dollar, and Ah keeps mahself at home.

A simpl shaft of granit shall b rctd in th gardn facing th Ast Wing of Kylton Palac, whr Mr.

The ast time she had done so was to see a large branch jeparate from an ancient oak and narrowly miss the 323 stables.

Then she ast me if I'd met any badmen in town, and I told her I'd met six and they was now recovering on pallets in the back of the general store.

He looked like a ghost, an I am wonderin how he wound up in such sorry shape, especially after all the money he got from our srimpin bidness, but I figger there is time to ast about that later.

CAstor Pollux en nef, Astre crinite: L'erain public par terre & mer vuidé, Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin terre interdicte.

Neve aurum addito ast quoi aura dentes vincti erunt im cum illo sepelire & urere, se fraude esto.

Dey's mighty good to me, dese niggers is, en whatever I wants 'm to do fur me I doan' have to ast 'm twice, honey.

Our people got nothing, but jes' because they can ast their frien's to come here to the dance, sets 'em up an' makes 'em proud.

I ast him how do you do that and he laffs and tels me eleksity or som thing like that wat ever it may be.

That if you ast me is as big a thing as the lites that burn elextristy or what ever the Rivington men cal it.

So they taken the key off'n him, and all the loose change and plug tobaccer out of his pockets too, and opened the door, and I ast: “.

Well Ethen I must go out and drill some more now & probably we will half to listen to some Boston bird makeing a speach they are great fellos for speaches about down with Brittish tirrany & give me liberty or give me death but if you was to ast me Ethen I would say give me back that house & barn what those lousie redcotes burnt & when this excitement is all over what I want to know is Ethen where do I get off at.

Well, I don't mind snubs except when I get them, so I ast him if he wasn't from Sioux City—.