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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
solo flight/voyage/ascent
▪ Ridgeway’s solo voyage across the Atlantic
▪ It's a steep ascent but the compensation is a swift gaining of the ridge.
▪ From here to the top was a steep ascent of some five hundred yards, covered with large rocks and fallen timber.
▪ Follow the path west passing over a high stile and making a steep ascent to the summit of Y Garn.
▪ At the foot of the last steep ascent..
▪ Not until I began to feel the horses straining up the steep ascent to our house did I open my eyes.
▪ But instead, he heard them begin the ascent of the stairs.
▪ Three days after that, I learned that I could begin the ascent with my eyes open.
▪ Pat drives up to it and begins a vertical ascent.
▪ James made his last ascent in September 1816.
▪ Misery and misfortune are not misery and misfortune alone but the rungs of a ladder up which man makes his ascent.
▪ She made the ascent of Nevis a pleasure, but now I was grown up and Wendyless.
▪ Many people come to make the ascent, some to climb its tremendous cliffs, others merely to look at it.
▪ A night at Fort William gave me a long awaited opportunity of making the ascent.
▪ In the next five years he made about forty ascents as a professional balloonist.
▪ I finned madly for the surface, and was told off very severely for making an ascent like a pricked balloon.
▪ Tony Mitchell made a rapid second ascent to keep his reputation as the man who has done everything.
▪ He wrote a best-selling book about the first ascent of Everest.
▪ The final ascent of Kilimanjaro began at 5:00 a.m.
▪ The men began their final ascent at six o'clock the next day.
▪ Yeltsin's ascent to the presidency of Russia
▪ I leant against a rock and watched Will choose his line of ascent.
▪ It's a steep ascent but the compensation is a swift gaining of the ridge.
▪ Some of the four million annual visitors seem to find the mere ascent insufficiently fulfilling.
▪ The ascent had taken 4 hours!
▪ Unfortunately this fell out on the third ascent.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ascent \As*cent"\ [Formed like descent, as if from a F. ascente, fr. a verb ascendre, fr. L. ascendere. See Ascend, Descent.]

  1. The act of rising; motion upward; rise; a mounting upward; as, he made a tedious ascent; the ascent of vapors from the earth.

    To him with swift ascent he up returned.

  2. The way or means by which one ascends.

  3. An eminence, hill, or high place.

  4. The degree of elevation of an object, or the angle it makes with a horizontal line; inclination; rising grade; as, a road has an ascent of five degrees.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1610, "action of ascending," from ascend on model of descend/descent; "climbing" sense is from 1753.


n. 1 The act of ascending. A motion upwards. 2 The way or means by which one ascends. 3 An eminence, hill, or high place. 4 The degree of elevation of an object, or the angle it makes with a horizontal line; inclination; rising grade. 5 (context typography English) The ascender height in a typeface. 6 An increase, for example in popularity or hierarchy

  1. n. an upward slope or grade (as in a road); "the car couldn't make it up the rise" [syn: acclivity, rise, raise, climb, upgrade] [ant: descent]

  2. a movement upward; "they cheered the rise of the hot-air balloon" [syn: rise, rising, ascension] [ant: fall]

  3. the act of changing location in an upward direction [syn: rise, ascension, ascending]

Ascent (magazine)

ascent is an independent, not-for-profit magazine published quarterly that explores the intersection of spiritual values with social and political issues, art, culture and contemporary thought. ascent also publishes a website, a blog, books, and holds an annual retreat at Yasodhara Ashram. The tag line for the magazine is “Yoga for an inspired life”. Its offices are based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Ascent or The Ascent may refer to:

Ascent (novel)

Ascent is a secret history novel published in 2007, written by Jed Mercurio. It follows the career of Yevgeni Yeremin, an orphan of Stalingrad, from his days as a MiG-15 pilot in the Korean War, where he becomes a leading ace. However, at the end of the war he crashes in a plane bearing USSR insignia. Although rescued by North Korean troops he is felt to have risked revealing that Soviet aircrew participated in the conflict and on cessation of hostilities he is exiled in disgrace to a polar base. He has been befriended by one of his groundcrew, (throughout referred to as 'The Widow'), who follows him north, and he eventually marries her. He becomes a trainee cosmonaut, with little hope of a mission; he eventually volunteers for a risky mission to attempt a lunar landing ahead of Apollo 11, in an untested lunar craft. He knows that if he fails, his death will lead to little comment, and be denied by the USSR. He succeeds in achieving a landing, on the far side of the Moon, but the lander rocket has malfunctioned, leaving him no hope of return. The novel ends with his descending from the doomed craft to walk on the lunar surface, as the lights in the stranded craft gradually go out.

Ascent (journal)

Ascent is an American literary magazine that publishes stories, poems, and essays, many of which are later reprinted in annual anthologies. The journal is based at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

The journal was originally founded in 1975 at the University of Illinois by Daniel Curley. In 1996, essayist and English scholar W. Scott Olsen became the editor-in-chief. The journal moved to an online format in 2010, where it will reach a wider audience for its award-winning authors.

Recent notable contributors include Victoria Anderson, Jacob M. Appel, Karen Brown, Peter Chilson, Leo Damrosch, Philip Heldrich, Michael Martone, Sarah Baker Michalak and Marjorie Stelmach.

Usage examples of "ascent".

Juss, enforcing his half frozen limbs to resume the ascent, beheld a sight of woe too terrible for the eye: a young man, helmed and graithed in dark iron, a black-a-moor with goggle-eyes and white teeth agrin, who held by the neck a fair young lady kneeling on her knees and clasping his as in supplication, and he most bloodily brandishing aloft his spear of six foot of length as minded to reave her of her life.

Close at hand was the snowy mass of the Great Altels cooling its topknot in the sky and daring us to an ascent.

Therefore, when you feel the rope stop your ascent, you will know that we have counted off nine hundred, and your aneroid should indicate approximately one thousand.

On the way back the ship entered the same bight that Borchgrevink had visited in 1900, and a balloon ascent was made on the Barrier.

No nasty Ascent here: let the id be our guide to paradise, and let biocentric immersion lead the way to the glorious spirit for all.

Then, at fifty-five knots, Bluey hauled back on the yoke, and the airplane staggered into the air at what seemed to Cat an impossible angle of ascent.

Greek philosophy which taught, clearly and without bombast, the ascent from the cave and the gradual advance of souls to a truer and truer vision.

Authentic Existences but their simulacra--there is nothing here but a jargon invented to make a case for their school: all this terminology is piled up only to conceal their debt to the ancient Greek philosophy which taught, clearly and without bombast, the ascent from the cave and the gradual advance of souls to a truer and truer vision.

I took the glasses back from Chubby and watched Suleiman Dada emerge from the cabin and make a laborious ascent to the open bridge.

The ravine grew more and more beautiful, and an ascent through a dark wood of arrowy cryptomeria brought us to this village exquisitely situated, where a number of miniature ravines, industriously terraced for rice, come down upon the great chasm of the Kinugawa.

After a long ascent through a region of light, peaty soil, wooded with pine, cryptomeria, and scrub oak, a long descent and a fine avenue terminate in Shinjo, a wretched town of over 5000 people, situated in a plain of ricefields.

Le Cagot would now be at the most difficult feature of the ascent, a double dihedron at meter point 44.

Antique medals showing equilibrists making the ascent of an inclined cord have been found.

Everything moves and develops in a spiral and Erg Noor could see in his imagination that magnificent spiral of the common ascent as applied to life and to human society.

I have already told your grace, and if I have, I shall tell you again, that when your grace wishes to save a good deal of time and trouble in your ascent to the inaccessible summit of the temple of Fame, you need do nothing else but leave the narrow path of poetry and follow the even narrower one of knight errantry, which will suffice to make you an emperor in the blink of an eye.