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Asa \As"a\, n. [NL. asa, of oriental origin; cf. Per. az[=a] mastic, Ar. as[=a] healing, is[=a] remedy.] An ancient name of a gum.


n. 1 A king of Judah mentioned in the Book of Kings. 2 (given name male from=Hebrew) first used by Puritans.


Åsa [pronounced aw-suh] is a female first name in Sweden and Norway. Among the bearers are:

  • Åsa Domeij, former politician for the Swedish Green Party
  • Åsa Larsson, Swedish crime-writer
  • Åsa Svensson, previously Åsa Carlsson, Swedish tennis player

The Norwegian version of the name is Åse.

Åsa is also the name of a village in both Sweden and Norway:

  • Åsa, Ringerike municipality, Norway
  • Åsa, Kungsbacka municipality, Sweden
ASA (automobile)

ASA (Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni) was an Italian automobile manufacturer, the main product of which was the ASA 1000 GT. The car was developed by Ferrari, the engine being derived from the "250" 3-litre designed by Gioacchino Colombo, and the chassis by Giotto Bizzarrini, and derived from the tubular frame of the 250 GTO. The prototype was first presented by Carrozzeria Bertone (Geneva 1961) under the name "Mille". In 1963, Enzo Ferrari finally decided not to give his name to the new berlinetta and entrusted the construction to a close friend, Oronzio de Nora. The car was manufactured in Milan by a newly formed company called ASA (owned by the De Nora Electrochemical Group) from 1964 to 1969. The 1000 GT model was presented in 1962, but production started two years later. Bodywork was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone.

This small GT car featured an OHC four-cylinder engine designed by Ferrari engineers., for an in-house project originally dubbed "Ferrarina." The original engine design was basically a four-cylinder, slice of a Colombo V12 from a Ferrari 212, complete with characteristic "clothes pin" valve springs, and breathing through two Weber 40 DCOE9 carburetors. Power was 98 HP, with a HP/Litre ratio, better than the contemporary Ferrari 275 GTB. The 1000 GT featured a double wishbone arrangement for its front suspension, with a live axle at the rear. Both ends of the car featured coils springs, tubular dampers, and an anti-roll bar, as well as disk brakes. The coupe model was bodied in steel, with aluminum for the hood and trunk lids.

A racing version of the 1000 GT Coupe had a engine which produced ; later versions featured . Only a few of the cars were made, but they had a good deal of success at Italian sporting events.

A few larger four- and six-cylinder vehicles were individually built to order; almost all were prototypes. All had fiberglass bodywork.

Asa (raga)

Raga Asa is an Indian musical raga (composition) that appears in the Sikh tradition from northern India and is part of the Sikh holy scripture the Guru Granth Sahib. Every raga has a strict set of rules which govern the number of notes that can be used; which notes can be used; and their interplay that has to be adhered to for the composition of a tune. In the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy Granth (book) there are a total composition of 31 ragas and this raga is the fourth raga to appear in the series. The composition in this raga appear on 142 pages from page numbers 347 to 489.

Asa translates to hope. It gives the mood of making effort and provides the feelings of inspiration, courage, determination, ambition, passion, and zeal to the reciter and listeners.

Asa is a very old raga which was once popular in the Punjab (northern India) but seldom heard in concerts today. In the Guru Granth Sahib's Ragmala this is a ragini (subset) of raga Megha. However, today it is assigned to the "Bilaval" thata ("set"). Asa is a devotional raga for the cold season and is performed in the early morning just before sunrise. However, it is also known as a twilight melody with a calm mystical mood. Raga Asa was used by Dhanul Laskangadas, Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh Bahadur

The following represents the order of notes that can be used on the ascending and descending phase of the composition and the primary and secondary notes.

  • Aroh: Sa Re Ma Pa Dha Sa
  • Avroh: Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa
  • Vadi: Ma
  • Samvadi: Sa

Asa is a crooked (vakra) raga in that approaches to certain notes have to be made from a set position. Its variants as given in the Guru Granth Sahib are Kafi and Asavari, both of which have many features in common with Asa.

Asa (album)

Asa is the sixth studio album by the German Viking metal band Falkenbach. It was released in 2013 on Prophecy Productions.

Asa (rapper)

Matti Salo (born 1980), professionally known as Asa and previously as Avain, is a Finnish rapper. He is also a member of a hip hop and reggae group Jätkäjätkät.

Asa (name)

Asa is a given name in several parts of the world.

  • Asa (אסא/'ay-sah/): derived from the Hebrew language, as the name appears in the Old Testament to designate the third King of Judah, who reigned for forty years. It became a popular name because of the influence of the Puritans in the 17th century.
  • Asa: Hebrew means healer and/or physician, Ase.
  • Åsa (pronounced "o-sa"): Swedish is one of the most ancient of Nors names with reference to Æsir which means Goddess.
  • Asa (pronounced "asha"): a Yoruba language word which means or refers to the 'Eagle' bird.
  • Asa (pronounced "aa-saa"): an Igbo Nigerian name with the meaning "beautiful". The longer version is "Asa Mpete" also used as a title salutation for titled women.
  • Asa: Japanese name with the original meaning "morning".
  • Asa: Indonesian for "hope".
  • Asa: Portuguese means "wing".
  • Asa: [Malagasy] (native tongue of Madagascar) means "work."
  • Asha : Nepali means "Hope"
  • Asa: Punjabi means "Hope".

Usage examples of "asa".

But on the green hill-slopes will Balder govern then The new-born asas, and a human race renewed.

Asa were still sojourning in Canyon de Chelly, and before the arrival of the Hano, another bloody scene had been enacted in Tusayan.

Asa and the Hano women have the same peculiar fashion of wearing the hair, still there is no affinity of blood claimed between them.

After the Hano were quietly established in their present position the Asa returned, and the Walpi allotted them a place to build in their own village.

Asa people, formed a nucleus about which the Tewa village of Hano was constructed.

In his investigation, Harry had artfully managed to start Asa Rothrock talking.

There, taking his cue from what Asa Rothrock had told him, Harry had introduced himself as a friend of the man who had used the garage car.

Neither Asa Rothrock nor the driver of the garage car had given Harry a clear description of the stranger.

Field-mouse families of the Asa remained and built beside the Badger, but the rest of its groups continued across to the Walpi Mesa.

The Asa were taken into the village of Walpi, being given a vacant strip on the east edge of the mesa, just where the main trail comes up to the village.

Thereafter, ASA dropped its study of Chinese Communist military ciphers and communications and turned its attention almost exclusively toward Russia.

Also, when truce negotiations began in July 1951, ASA units eavesdropped on meetings among the North Korean negotiating team.

Utricularia nelumbifolia, 442 Gelatin, impure, action on Drosera, 80 , pure, its digestion by Drosera, 110 Genlisea africana, 451 filiformis, 451 Genlisea ornata, structure of, 446 , manner of capturing prey, 450 Glandular hairs, absorption by, 344 , summary on, 353 Globulin, its digestion by Drosera, 120 Gluten, its digestion by Drosera, 117 Glycerine, inducing aggregation in Drosera, 52 , action on Drosera, 212 Gold chloride, action on Drosera, 184 GorupBesanez on the presence of a solvent in seeds of the vetch, 362 Grass, decoction of, action on Drosera, 84 Gray, Asa, on the Droseraceae, 2 Groenland, on Drosera, 1, 5 Gum, action of, on Drosera, 77 Guncotton, not digested by Drosera, 125 H.

Jed said to the drawly one, "why don't you and Asa wash him up a bit and see how bad it is.

Asa was doing his level best to keep a straight face while chewing the bit of apple he'd swiped off her plate.