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Answer for the clue "Hebrew for "healer"", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word asa

Simile center

"_____ matter of fact..."

_____ rule

Drunk _____ skunk

Botanist Gray


Simile phrase

___ rule

Matter of fact introduction?

Light-feather filler?

White ___ ghost

Heart of a simile

Middle of a simile

Big ___ house

Hard-rock connection

Simile's center

"___ precaution..."

Cool ___ cucumber

Film box letters

Happy-lark go-between

Simile's middle

Gray of "Gray's Manual of Botany"

"...lovely ___ tree"

Solid ___ rock

Comparative words

Big-house connector

Comparison's middle

High ___ kite

___ precaution

Writer Baber

Letters on a Kodak box

Center of a comparison

Film no.

Al Jolson's real first name

Smart ___ whip

Rep. Hutchinson

Comparison center

Comparison part

Comparison words

Hungry bear filler?

Comparison connector

King of Judah

Rule preceder

Result preceder

Hard-rock link

Palindromic guy

Hard-rock connector

Happy ___ lark

Hard-rock center

Cute ___ button

Simile part

Fit ___ fiddle

Naked ___ jaybird

Jehoshaphat's father

___ given

Happy ___ clam

Hard ___ rock

Gentle ___ lamb

Simile words

"___ precaution ..."

Hard-rock filler

Red ___ beet

Civil-rights leader ___ Philip Randolph

Comparison component

Free ___ bird

Center of a simile

"___ friend, I ..."

___ result

With 3-Down, collectively

With 18-Across, how some people work

Simile connection

___ bonus

Quick ___ flash

Drunk ___ skunk

Quiet ___ mouse

___ formality

Solid rock center?

Thick ___ brick

Actor Butterfield of "Hugo"

___ rule (normally)

White sheet insert?

Pretty picture connector?

"___ reminder ..."

"___ whole ..."

Sick ___ dog

Thick plank insert?

Dead-doornail connection

Big house connection?

Flat ___ pancake

Rule lead-in

___ comparison

___ courtesy

White ___ sheet

Fat ___ pig

Cool-cucumber center?

Blind ___ bat

Jolson's given name

Jolson's real first name

___ last resort

___ rule (generally)

Biblical king

Fresh ___ daisy

Hall of Fame botanist ___ Gray

A king of Judah

Sly ___ fox

King in I Kings

King of Judah for 41 years

___ rule (usually)

King in Kings

Third king of Judah

___ Yoelson

Meek ___ lamb

Jolson's true first name

Fat-pig filler?

Nutty ___ fruitcake

U.S. botanist Gray

Mad ___ hatter

Film speed no.

Nutty-fruitcake center

Words of comparison

Crazy ____ loon

Happy ___ clam at high water

" . . . lonely ___ cloud": Wordsworth

Botanist Gray: 1810–88

"Brought ___ lamb to the slaughter": Isaiah 53:7

___ rule (ordinarily)

Hot ___ pistol

" . . . lonely ___ cloud"

As mad ___ wet hen

"Not ___ Stranger"

Stubborn ___ mule

Quick ___ wink

Happy ___ king

Idol-breaking king of Judah

Soft-drink tycoon Candler

Jehoshaphat's predecessor

"End ___ Man": Willingham

Clean ___ whistle

Light ___ feather

Word definitions for asa in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Asa \As"a\, n. [NL. asa, of oriental origin; cf. Per. az[=a] mastic, Ar. as[=a] healing, is[=a] remedy.] An ancient name of a gum.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 A king of Judah mentioned in the Book of Kings. 2 (given name male from=Hebrew) first used by Puritans.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Åsa [pronounced aw-suh] is a female first name in Sweden and Norway. Among the bearers are: Åsa Domeij , former politician for the Swedish Green Party Åsa Larsson , Swedish crime-writer Åsa Svensson , previously Åsa Carlsson, Swedish tennis player The Norwegian...

Usage examples of asa.

But on the green hill-slopes will Balder govern then The new-born asas, and a human race renewed.

Asa were still sojourning in Canyon de Chelly, and before the arrival of the Hano, another bloody scene had been enacted in Tusayan.

Asa and the Hano women have the same peculiar fashion of wearing the hair, still there is no affinity of blood claimed between them.

After the Hano were quietly established in their present position the Asa returned, and the Walpi allotted them a place to build in their own village.

Asa people, formed a nucleus about which the Tewa village of Hano was constructed.

In his investigation, Harry had artfully managed to start Asa Rothrock talking.

There, taking his cue from what Asa Rothrock had told him, Harry had introduced himself as a friend of the man who had used the garage car.

Neither Asa Rothrock nor the driver of the garage car had given Harry a clear description of the stranger.

Field-mouse families of the Asa remained and built beside the Badger, but the rest of its groups continued across to the Walpi Mesa.

The Asa were taken into the village of Walpi, being given a vacant strip on the east edge of the mesa, just where the main trail comes up to the village.

Thereafter, ASA dropped its study of Chinese Communist military ciphers and communications and turned its attention almost exclusively toward Russia.

Also, when truce negotiations began in July 1951, ASA units eavesdropped on meetings among the North Korean negotiating team.

Utricularia nelumbifolia, 442 Gelatin, impure, action on Drosera, 80 , pure, its digestion by Drosera, 110 Genlisea africana, 451 filiformis, 451 Genlisea ornata, structure of, 446 , manner of capturing prey, 450 Glandular hairs, absorption by, 344 , summary on, 353 Globulin, its digestion by Drosera, 120 Gluten, its digestion by Drosera, 117 Glycerine, inducing aggregation in Drosera, 52 , action on Drosera, 212 Gold chloride, action on Drosera, 184 GorupBesanez on the presence of a solvent in seeds of the vetch, 362 Grass, decoction of, action on Drosera, 84 Gray, Asa, on the Droseraceae, 2 Groenland, on Drosera, 1, 5 Gum, action of, on Drosera, 77 Guncotton, not digested by Drosera, 125 H.

Jed said to the drawly one, "why don't you and Asa wash him up a bit and see how bad it is.

Asa was doing his level best to keep a straight face while chewing the bit of apple he'd swiped off her plate.