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Arvas, formerly known as Örth, is a Norwegian black metal band formed in Bergen in 1993 as a one-man project by multi musician V-Rex. In Summer 1996, Borknagar drummer Grim and Gorgoroth bassist Ares joined the band. They recorded an album in Winter 1996, titled Nocturno Inferno, but it was never released. After Grim committed suicide in 1999, V-Rex decided to keep on going as a one-man project, but changed the band's name. He recorded two demos, Countless Souls at Dawn and I Am Thy Grief, and a split album with Hordagaard titled Dawn of Satan/ Uncle Satan, which was released by Azermedoth Records. The band's first official fullenght album Blessed from Below – Ad Sathanas Noctum was released in 2010 by the band themselves. Their second album Into The Realm Of The Occult will be released November 2013 by Italian label ATMF Records. Arvas has shared stages with bands like Throne Of Cartasis, Urgehal, Dauden, 1349, Mongo Ninja, Nocturnal Breed etc. In March 2013 Arvas toured the east European countries supporting Deicide on their 'End Of The World Tour'