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Crossword clues for armlets


n. (plural of armlet English)

Usage examples of "armlets".

She was bare save for a girdle of stones as milky white as her skin, two wide armlets of the same and a neck chain which held a single stone carved into the sickle of a new moon, hanging between the proud upsurge of her breasts.

Not one vestige of clothing did they have on, unless nose-rings, ear-plugs, and shell armlets be accounted clothing.

I saw a fat man seated on a stool, naked except for the moocha about his middle and necklaces and armlets of blue beads.

The form and face of the being who thus presented himself were those of a frightful dwarf, with a large head, a cap fantastically adorned with three peacock feathers, a dress of red samite, the richness of which rendered his ugliness more conspicuous, distinguished by gold bracelets and armlets, and a white silk sash, in which he wore a gold-hilted dagger.