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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Armlet \Arm"let\, n. [Arm + -let.]

  1. A small arm; as, an armlet of the sea.

  2. An arm ring; a bracelet for the upper arm.

  3. Armor for the arm.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, diminutive of arm (n.1).


n. 1 A band that is worn on the arm that for ornamental or identification purposes. 2 A small arm.


n. a band worn around the arm for decoration [syn: arm band]

Usage examples of "armlet".

Squatting, crossed-legged, in the middle of this cushion was an extremely corpulent yellow man, who, except for the scarlet cincture about his loins, was clad entirely in jewelry jewels blazed from the rings which all but concealed his pudgy fingers and toes, and flashed from his golden anklets, bracelets, armlets, and necklaces.

The light of day was gone by now, and by the smooth amber of the lamps, Cyrion chose from among the ropes of jewels and skeins of metal, from the cups and gemmy daggers, the armlets and the armour.

First of all I unlocked my strong box, and drew therefrom a small sack of gold mohurs, and another of gold pagodas, also sundry family jewels, armlets and necklets of gold, gemmed rings, and other trinkets of price.

Dozens of bracelets, armlets, and torques gleamed in tones of silver and gold.

I looked at the incredibly lovely girl in the mirror, she bedecked in a rope of red silk, made-up, perfumed vulnerable, soft, with armlets and bracelets, golden beads intertwined in the Turian collar.

Gaal in all, with their tents and cookpots and travois and hann and fur rugs and axes and armlets and cradleboards and tinderboxes, all their scant belongings, and their fear of the Whiter, and their hunger.

Mahadeva is represented with a snake around his neck, one around his hair, and armlets of serpents on both arms.

She was bare save for a girdle of stones as milky white as her skin, two wide armlets of the same and a neck chain which held a single stone carved into the sickle of a new moon, hanging between the proud upsurge of her breasts.

Not one vestige of clothing did they have on, unless nose-rings, ear-plugs, and shell armlets be accounted clothing.

I saw a fat man seated on a stool, naked except for the moocha about his middle and necklaces and armlets of blue beads.

The form and face of the being who thus presented himself were those of a frightful dwarf, with a large head, a cap fantastically adorned with three peacock feathers, a dress of red samite, the richness of which rendered his ugliness more conspicuous, distinguished by gold bracelets and armlets, and a white silk sash, in which he wore a gold-hilted dagger.

Away up the plain the horses, about thirty or forty in number, were slowly trooping into camp, hunted by a couple of blackfellows, naked except for little grass armlets worn above the elbow, and sticks stuck through their noses.

From the bandit's caroling joy and the way sunlight winked, the armlet was made of gold.

As she explained all this to me, she pointed to the decorations on her golden armlets, upon the knob of her dagger-hilt and upon the band which encircled her right leg above the knee--always was the design partly made up of isosceles triangles, and when she explained the significance of this particular geometric figure, I at once grasped its appropriateness.

There are brushes, perfumes, cosmetics, slave jewelries, heavy necklaces, armlets, braclets and bangles.