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Argyra is a genus of fly in the family Dolichopodidae.

Argyra (disambiguation)

Argyra may refer to:

  • Argyra, an insect genus
  • A plant genus known as Croton
  • Argyra (mythology), a Greek nymph, one of the Naiads
  • Argyra, Greece, a village in Achaea, Greece
Argyra (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Argyra was one of the Naiads, a nymph who resided in a well. There was a city in ancient Achaea, also named Argyra, that was the site of a spring. According to legend, the nymph Argyra was in love with a shepherd named Selemnus, but when he aged she no longer loved him. When he died of grief, the goddess Aphrodite changed him into a river. The legend says that a forsaken lover who bathes in this river will forget their pain.