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Arga (river)

The Arga is a river of Navarre, in Spain, and is a tributary of the Aragón River, itself a tributary of the river Ebro. The Arga was known as the river Runa in antiquity. Situated in the north-east of Spain, the river stretches some and has a basin of , of which is in Navarre and the remaining is near Arakil. The source of the river is to the north of the village Esteríbar, near the border with France, and it empties into the Aragón River near Funes.

The river is dammed in the Eugui reservoir near Esteríbar; the dam principally serves the needs of Pamplona's metropolitan area, the largest city on the Arga.


Arga may refer to:

  • Arga (river), in northern Spain
    • Arga metropolitan park ( Mancomunidad de la Comarca de Pamplona)
  • Arga, Karnataka, a village in Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka, India
    • Arga Beach
  • Arga, an alternative name for Akçadağ, Turkey

Usage examples of "arga".

And his horse pacing was tolerable under the lax supervision of Arga, the farrier.

At a nod from the baron, Arga went to the window and dragged apart the thick curtains, letting in beams of dusty daylight.

For it was Arga, the farrier, who oversaw the hitching of the donkey cart in the gray-lit stableyard at dawn.

Across the yard, Arga finally turned away from the stable-hand, shouting an order for the guards to throw open the gates.

ORGON Argas, my friend who is in trouble, brought it Himself, most secretly, and left it with me.