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n. A lamp that produces light by generating an electric arc across an enclosed gas.


Arclight (stylized ARCLIGHT) is the fourth solo album by American jazz guitarist Julian Lage. Two tracks were given a prerelease, "Nocturne" and "Harlem Blues".

Arclight (comics)

Arclight (Philippa Sontag) is a mutant supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Arclight (DC Comics)

Arclight is a fictional supervillain character in DC Comics.

His first appearance was in Superman Volume 2, issue #99 (April 1995).

His name was originally Noah Pastenetti, and he did work for the Gotham Mafia as a "torch", i.e. a paid hireling who would burn buildings as a form of mob retribution. Because of his preferred technique. A single arc of electricity between electrodes would set off his bombs into an inferno.

But he fell in love with a young reporter, Alicia Parker, and eventually she turned him into a secret informer and used the information he fed her into a hot expose on the mob. Her book became an instant best seller, and Alica Parker reveled in all the attention.

Unfortunately during an interview on the Larry Prince Radio Show National Broadcast, Alicia inadvertently mentioned Noah Pastanetti's name.

The Gotham Mob, upon learning the truth, went after Pastanetti, eventually pulling him off the street, and taking him to a still unopened nuclear plant that they had intended to destroy any for insurance purposes. When the bomb went off however, Pastanetti did not die.

He was changed, his body slowly converting to energy. Lexcorp employees discovered his body amidst the debris and rushed him back to HQ, where Lex Luthor was able to "save" him, by placing his now living energy into a containment suit, but at a cost. Pastanetti no longer possessed sensory input.

Blaming Alicia Parker, and all reporters in general, he first went after them during a convention in Washington, D.C. where he was foiled by the efforts of Superman, Agent Liberty and Lois Lane.

Jimmy Olsen decided a couple of months later to try to flush Arclight out. He ran an ad announcing the contents of Alica Parker's safety deposit box would be opened on a given day. True to form, Arclight showed up to claim the box. Lucikly, Superman was nearby, and he engaged Arclight. Grabbing hold of Superman, Arclight explained how LexCorp had created his suit and harvested his condition. He also explained how his condition left him incapable of feeling any sensation at all. He burnt through his containment suit and merged his energy into Superman, who was knocked out by the exchange. Thankfully, Jimmy and the Newsboys caught Superman in the Whiz Wagon and took him to S.T.A.R. Labs where Emil Hamilton was able to siphon off Arclight's energy into a containment chamber, believing that even in that form Arclight was still alive.[2]

Hamilton was eventually able to create a new suit suitable for Arclight to be transferred into so that he could stand trial.

ArcLight (missile)

The ArcLight program was a missile development program of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency with the goal of equipping ships like Aegis cruisers with a weapon system capable of striking targets nearly anywhere on the globe, thereby increasing the power of surface ships to a level comparable to that of ballistic missile-equipped submarines.

According to DARPA, the ArcLight program was to develop a high-tech missile based on the booster stack of the current RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 and equipped with a Hypersonic glide vehicle capable of carrying a 100-200 lb (45-90 kg) warhead. The configuration would allow ships carrying the ArcLight missile to strike targets 2,300 miles (3,700 km) away from the launch point. The missile would replace the aging Tomahawk (missile) and could be fired out of the standard vertical launchers available on many surface ships. Additionally, the ArcLight missile would be capable of launch from air and submarine assets capable of carrying the BGM-109.

Dr. Arthur Mabbett was the program manager of the DARPA project, which was to develop and test two different missile designs.

In DARPA's FY 2012 budget, the ArcLight missile program was terminated. The reason was that more development work was needed and they could not yet reach a high enough lift-to-drag ratio system from a non-fixed-wing vehicle. 2011 was spent reassessing technology needs, and no further funding was requested after that. DARPA commented that ArcLight was not part of Prompt Global Strike and was meant as a theater-based system to work with other systems like the Tomahawk cruise missile.

Arclight (novel)

Arclight is a young adult novel series written by Josin L. McQuein. The first book, Arclight, was published in 2003 by Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. According to WorldCat, the book is in 621 libraries. The second book in the series, Meridian, was published in 2014.

The series takes place on a military base called the Arclight in post-apocalyptic America. The Arclight, as the name implies, is surrounded by a ring of high powered lights to keep out the faded, evil creatures that roam "the dark," the area outside Arclight and out of its light. Between Arclight and the Dark is an area known as the Grey: a desolate, sad place that is similar to twilight, the area between light and dark. The story follows Marina, a girl who was discovered alone in the grey and unknown to all of Arclight's citizens. When she is brought to Arclight, she has no recollection of who she is or where she comes from.

McQuein is also the author of the young adult novel Premediated.

Usage examples of "arclight".

Bright carbon arclight is shone onto the master drawing for a measured length of time.

I've got binoculars, and I figure between them and the arclights I'll be able to catch the plates on the cars that cruise down Norton.

To its left the scaffold, still in darkness, cut off by the screen of arclights trained upon the building, waited like an executioner upon the imperial presence.

The oblique arclights glinted on a trumpet, caught the laced panels of the drum.

Below him lay the spaceport, lighted almost to a daytime dazzle by rows of blue-white arclights.

He swayed a little to get his balance, watching the small buzzing cargo dollies that were whirring around the field, the men in black or grayish leather uniforms with the insignia of the Terran Empire, on which the hard blue arclights reflected coldly.

Under the arclights enlarged replicas of chestnut leaves plunged and played on white pillars.

The blackness of the shaped shadows cast by the hard rocks danced together in wild choreography as the arclights swept round them.

The long concrete platform fell silent and empty under its piebald black and white markings of wide-spaced arclights and intervening shadow troughs.

They rumbled off and New Jericho village, hardly seen as yet, receded behind him in a blurred checkerboard of arclights and black squares.

The white Krikkit warship was parked amongst the stark grey crags of the asteroid, alternately flaring under arclights or disappearing in shadow.

  The blackness of the shaped shadows cast by the hard rocks danced together in wild choreography as the arclights swept round them.

There were white arclights beating down on us and we felt kind of touchy and raw, and we were an ugly, dangerous mob in that moment.

He broke out, walked fast across the considerable exposed space behind the station, talcumed with arclight, and got in again behind the welcome shadow cast by the bulky aluminum-faced truck.