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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Archaeologist \Ar`ch[ae]*ol"o*gist\ ([aum]r`k[-e]*[o^]l"[-o]*j[i^]st), n. One versed in arch[ae]ology; an antiquary.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1824; see archaeology + -ist.


n. Someone who is skilled, professes or practices archaeology.


n. an anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture [syn: archeologist]

Usage examples of "archaeologist".

So Splendid, an amateur archaeologist, had expected, before being selected for this experimental mer-colony, to specialize in one of the pre-Columbian American Indian cultures and to trace the connections between it and the prehistoric Mongolian cultures from which the Amerinds derived.

Thus far, Arcas had not seemed enthusiastic about being here with two archaeologists, but he had volunteered for the job.

If Bloch hoped to get away with his loot, safely, he would have to get rid of both archaeologists.

Dutch archaeologists have found the site of a Carolingian fort built before Viking times, probably by Charlemagne himself Between the fort and the fork of the Rhine lay Dorestad, a place stretching for over half a mile along the river, protected by palisades and gates.

She had been seen he said, in Newark, Ohio, touring the municipal golf course at Octagon State Memorial in the company of a swaggering red-haired archaeologist named Kent Zacharias, also a dead, formerly a specialist in the mound-building Hopewellian cultures of Ohio Valley.

Nineteenth-century archaeologists in the Komi region had unearthed large amounts of ceramic pottery with Mongolian ornament.

Was John Macnab perhaps old Mr Bandicott disguised as an archaeologist?

Cambridge, my fellow archaeologists and I had found overwhelming evidence indicating a superior race of Caucasians had influenced the development of both the Mesoamerican and South American Indians.

He only wished to be sure that his patient was indeed Professor Smith, the archaeologist, and notforgive mesome adventurer preying upon the sympathy of a kind-hearted young lady.

Who would have thought two nerdish archaeologists would have sized up the situation so accurately, and in an instant formulated a very believable lie?

Bruce Metzger had told me about archaeologists finding a fragment of a copy of John 18 that leading papyrologists have dated to about A.

Savage, rarely-photographed man of mystery, was caught by the camera today as he met Edward Ellston Parks, the mysterious international archaeologist as the latter landed from the S.

Colonel Raden and his daughters stood watching the departing archaeologist, and as his car vanished among the beeches Janet seized her sister and whirled her into a dance.

The problem is, how did Lapita ware travel to Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, where archaeologists have shown it to have arrived by 1500 B.

Thibarak are the people that archaeologists call the Solutreans, who lived in this part of Europe a couple of thousand years after Cro-Magnon times.