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Crossword clues for arced


vb. (en-past of: arc)


adj. forming or resembling an arch; "an arched ceiling" [syn: arched, arching, arciform, arcuate, bowed]

Usage examples of "arced".

The arced across the black zenith, their dance unchanged turies since man first inhabited Athera.

Like the barbed parody of a stage magician's trick, a shadow-bane flashed and arced airborne.

In cur~es and angles and blazing, arced spirals, the individual vibrations which comprised Lysaer s'Ilessid lay exposed, the whole of his being excised from the shadow of dense substance for mage-schooled eyes to interpret.

The construct arced across distance and time, and conjoined with another, inset with the trefoil seal of a sworn obligation.

The stone arced aloft, but the predictable crack of its impact never happened.

The fresh-whetted tang of ozone rode the air as the bolt arced down to meet the sea and its defenseless target: the fragile, wood-chip frailty of the ship which swung unsuspecting at her anchorage.

She arced through the sky like a silver rainbow and made one sleek rolling dive into Singularity.

With Forister and Micaya strapped down in their cabins, she arced through the collapsing spaces in an effortless flashing dive.

Others surfaced beside him, squeeing with delight at his appearance, calling his name and Golly's and grinning at him as they arced above his head.

A hundred fireballs arced through the pale-blue Martian sky and a rattle of deep sonic booms shattered the silence of the northern hemisphere.

The arrow arced and fell short, dropping into the thickets of brambles along the base of the ridge where the generals stood.

They arced around the machine's legs, whipping the robot with their chains as they passed.

Chisel arced through the air and hit the wall, his helmet ringing from the hard blow.

A wave of iron-shafted missies arced into the blue-green sky and dropped into the long column.

Even before it had hissed into a blackened spot on the sandy earth, another fireball arced into the Sarronnese lines.