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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Dinner is served at a candlelit table decked out in fine linen and porcelain.
▪ She ripped her shirt from her jeans and her hands held Lucy's head like fine porcelain.
▪ I prefer artwork, although I specialise in fine china and porcelain.
▪ We have produced, over several centuries, some of the finest porcelain the world has ever seen.
▪ She was small, delicate, like a goddess made of the finest porcelain.
▪ Of note is the fine quality of porcelain and, of course, Bohemian cut glass.
▪ Jenny took the society through all the processes before and after firing at high temperatures fine porcelain clay.
▪ There are more than 500 works of art and furniture of all periods, including much fine porcelain.
▪ Black, spider-like chips have turned the white porcelain sink into mock Dalmation.
▪ She had put two straight-backed chairs at a kitchen table with a white porcelain top.
▪ She stole a white porcelain cup, edged with gold, which was standing on a table beneath the window.
▪ In wooden niches sat large jars of white and yellow porcelain, clearly labeled to indicate their contents.
▪ I held my breath and examined the exquisite little porcelain feathers and the pink and white porcelain crab-apple blossoms.
▪ Firemen and villagers formed a chain to ferry furniture and porcelain to safety.
▪ Hand-painted porcelain plates and artistic presentations are visually charming here.
▪ I held my breath and examined the exquisite little porcelain feathers and the pink and white porcelain crab-apple blossoms.
▪ Instruments of torture feature somewhat incongruously alongside porcelain, glassware and fans owned by members of the imperial family.
▪ She had put two straight-backed chairs at a kitchen table with a white porcelain top.
▪ The porcelain industry, in which again much government money was sunk, was also a failure.
▪ The year was 1710, and Meissen porcelain is still being made to this day.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Porcelain \Por"ce*lain\ (277), n. [F. porcelaine, It. porcellana, orig., the porcelain shell, or Venus shell (Cypr[ae]a porcellana), from a dim. fr. L. porcus pig, probably from the resemblance of the shell in shape to a pig's back. Porcelain was called after this shell, either on account of its smoothness and whiteness, or because it was believed to be made from it. See Pork.] A fine translucent or semitransculent kind of earthenware, made first in China and Japan, but now also in Europe and America; -- called also China, or China ware.

Porcelain, by being pure, is apt to break.

Ivory porcelain, porcelain with a surface like ivory, produced by depolishing. See Depolishing.

Porcelain clay. See under Clay.

Porcelain crab (Zo["o]l.), any crab of the genus Porcellana and allied genera (family Porcellanid[ae]). They have a smooth, polished carapace.

Porcelain jasper. (Min.) See Porcelanite.

Porcelain printing, the transferring of an impression of an engraving to porcelain.

Porcelain shell (Zo["o]l.), a cowry.


Porcelain \Por"ce*lain\, n. (Bot.) Purslain. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Middle French porcelaine and directly from Italian porcellana "porcelain" (13c.), literally "cowrie shell," the chinaware so called from resemblance of its lustrous transparency to the shiny surface of the shells. The shell's name in Italian is from porcella "young sow," fem. of Latin porcellus "young pig," diminutive of porculus "piglet," diminutive of porcus "pig" (see pork (n.)). According to an old theory, the connection of the shell and the pig is a perceived resemblance of the shell opening to the exposed outer genitalia of pigs.\n\nporcelain is china & china is p.; there is no recondite difference between the two things, which indeed are not two, but one; & the difference between the two words is merely that china is the homely term, while porcelain is exotic & literary.



n. 1 (context usually uncountable English) A hard, white, translucent ceramic that is made by firing kaolin and other materials; china. 2 (context usually countable English) Anything manufactured from this material.


n. ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic

Porcelain (Sparta album)

Porcelain is the second album by the band Sparta. It was released on July 13, 2004 on Geffen Records and peaked at #60 on the Billboard 200. The first single released from the album was "Breaking the Broken".

Porcelain (disambiguation)

Porcelain is a ceramic material.

Porcelain can also refer to porcelain enamel or to cast iron coated with industrial porcelain enamel.

Porcelain may also refer to:

Porcelain (EP)

Porcelain is Fuel's third EP. The self-released compact disc sold over 5,000 copies. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Randy Lane and Carl Bell.

Porcelain (Emil Bulls album)

Porcelain is the fourth studio album by German alternative metal band Emil Bulls, released on May 12, 2003. Produced by Wolfgang Stach and mixed by Stephan Glauman, it was the band's first record released on the now (circa 2004) independent Motor Music. The album marks a departure from the rapcore influence found on Angel Delivery Service toward a more progressive sound. It is also the last recording in which drummer Stefan Finauer would partake as a member of the band.


Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating materials, generally including kaolin, in a kiln to temperatures between . The toughness, strength and translucence of porcelain, relative to other types of pottery, arises mainly from vitrification and the formation of the mineral mullite within the body at these high temperatures.

Porcelain derives its present name from the old Italianporcellana ( cowrie shell) because of its resemblance to the translucent surface of the shell. Porcelain is also referred to as china or fine china in some English-speaking countries, as China was the birthplace of porcelain-making. Properties associated with porcelain include low permeability and elasticity; considerable strength, hardness, toughness, whiteness, translucency and resonance; and a high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock.

Porcelain has been described as being "completely vitrified, hard, impermeable (even before glazing), white or artificially coloured, translucent (except when of considerable thickness), and resonant." However, the term porcelain lacks a universal definition and has "been applied in a very unsystematic fashion to substances of diverse kinds which have only certain surface-qualities in common".

Porcelain (song)

"Porcelain" is a song by American electronica musician Moby. It was released as the sixth single from his fifth studio album Play on June 12, 2000. Its melancholy lyrics describe a break-up and were written by Moby – who also performs lead vocals on the track – based on his experiences with an unidentified woman. An electronic song, it also incorporates reversed string samples (from the song "Fight for Survival" from the Exodus soundtrack) and piano rhythms into its instrumentation. While Moby initially expressed disdain over the song and its production, he was eventually talked into including it on Play.

The song was well received by music critics, who praised its arrangement and named it a standout track on Play. It became one of the most successful singles from the album upon release, becoming a top five hit in the United Kingdom and managing to chart highly in several other countries. Moby later licensed "Porcelain", along with the remainder of Play, for use in several forms of media. Two different music videos were produced for the song, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and Nick Brandt. The song has received remixes by Rob Dougan, Futureshock, Torsten Stenzel & Force Mass Motion.

Porcelain (band)

Porcelain is a Danish rock band formed in 1996 by the two brothers Peter Urban and Jesper Urban and their all time friend and childhood neighbour Anders Lorentzen. The original line-up was:

  • Peter Urban (Vocals and guitars)
  • Jesper Urban (Guitars)
  • Anders Lorentzen (Guitars)
  • Lasse Engelbrecht (Drums)
  • Jakob Mørkholt (Bass)
Porcelain (Matt Cardle album)

Porcelain is the third studio album released by English musician Matt Cardle. The album was released on 25 October 2013 in Ireland, and on 28 October in the United Kingdom. Recording locations include London, Los Angeles and New York. It is primarily written by Cardle but, as with his previous albums, he worked with various songwriters, including Conner Reeves and American R&B artist Brian McKnight. Cardle has also produced the album and played the majority of the instruments.

The lead single was a duet with Spice Girl Melanie C, called " Loving You" which was released on 18 August 2013 and reached number 14 on the UK Singles Chart. A second single, " When You Were My Girl", was released on 13 October 2013. The album was released on digital download and physical CD as well as a very limited number of vinyl copies available through Cardle's official website. Porcelain is Cardle's first album to be released worldwide.

The Porcelain Tour in support of the album took place over the UK and Ireland in April 2014. The album received largely positive reviews. It reached number 11 on the UK Albums Chart, number 3 in the Independent Album Chart and number 22 on the Scottish Album Chart.

Usage examples of "porcelain".

From its chains dangled various chatelettes made from rustproof materials: brass scissors, a golden etui with a manicure set inside, a bodkin, a spoon, a vinaigrette, a needle-case, a small looking-glass, a cup-sized strainer for spike-leaves, a timepiece that had stopped, and whose case was inlaid with ivory and bronze, a workbox containing small reels of thread, an enameled porcelain thimble and a silver one, silver-handled buttonhooks and a few spare buttonsglass-topped, enclosing tiny picturesa miniature portrait of her mother worked in enamels, several rowan-wood tilhals, a highly ornamented anlace, a penknife, an empty silver-gilt snuff-box, and a pencil.

A piece of glass or porcelain held to the flame will have, if arsenic be present, a deposit on it having the following characters: In the centre a deposit of metallic arsenic, round this a mixture of metallic arsenic and arsenious acid, and outside this another ring of arsenious acid in octahedral crystals.

After a while his organs had begun to degenerate, depleted calcium levels had reduced his bones to brittle porcelain sticks, muscles had atrophied, and fluid bloated his tissues, impairing his lungs, degrading his lymphatic system.

On the large stove of porcelain inlaid with copper baguettes the statue of a woman, draped to the chin, gazed motionless on the room full of life.

The implication is that if you are looking for bauxite, a good starting point is to find out where clay is mined for porcelain.

Behind the grimy, soot-darkened facades of their houses were sumptuous palaces of fragrant cypress and cryptomeria wood, and white-plastered storehouses stacked to the rafters with chests of silks and lacquer ware and porcelain.

Caton-Thompson thirty years ago -- as by Randall-MacIver before her and other workers in this field, like Summers, after her -- rest on tangible evidence from many sides: on datable Chinese porcelain, on beads from India and Indonesia which are also, to some extent, datable, and on other objects of foreign importation.

But there were a couple of pieces of creamware and one tiny bit of porcelain that might be dateable by its decoration.

Or had some other stress worked apart the fissures that had spidered their way across the perfect porcelain image of the Doss family?

As I stood facing the porcelain, the door was pushed open and Dunster looked in.

Myriad white beeswax candles in branched candelabra reflected in fanciful epergnes of crystal or silvered basketwork, golden salvers lifted on pedestals and filled with sweetmeats or condiments, sets of silver spice-casters elaborately gadrooned, their fretted lids decorated with intricately pierced patterns, crystal cruets of herbal vinegars and oils, porcelain mustard pots with a blue underglaze motif of starfish, oval dish-supports with heating-lamps underneath, mirrored plateaux and low clusters of realistic flowers and leaves made from silk.

De Graaff had furnished the spacious rooms with the same pewter and Delft porcelain and polished mahogany that adorned the homes of the rich Regents of Amsterdam.

For Scottie, they window-shop for Herend porcelain, they compare notes on gulyas, they sip strong Turkish coffee amid velvet cushions while a Translyvanian fiddler plays.

Windowless Hatou, with its dark wood floors and tables and long hinoki counter, its hundreds of exquisite porcelain cups and saucers, and its exquisitely prepared brews, had been one of my regular haunts while I lived in Tokyo, or at least as regular as I allowed any one place to become.

Peking duckslivers of duck served with shreds of crisp pancake and a drizzle of hoisin sauce, all presented on porcelain Chinese soup spoons.